News: dmn Parcells likes Julius Jones' hands-on approach

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    01:09 PM CDT on Thursday, May 13, 2004

    By MATT MOSLEY / Dallas Web Staff

    John F. Rhodes / DMN
    Julius Jones "wants the rock in his hands," according to his former position coach at Notre Dame.

    Judging by recent e-mails, Cowboys fans are back on the Bill bandwagon. Some thought that trading down instead of drafting running back Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones signaled a return to the 5-11 era.

    Yet here we are less than three weeks removed from the draft and suddenly Julius Jones doesn’t sound so bad.

    Bill Parcells liked Jones for something he rarely did. Jones doesn’t put the ball on the carpet.

    Parcells has even less patience for fumbling than most coaches because of his emphasis on field position. He’s the anti-Mike Martz (St. Louis coach). Parcells likes to eat the clock, and he believes the handoff is still a viable option.

    Jones only had two fumbles on 229 carries in 2003. And Parcells’ favorite running back, Curtis Martin, has fumbled once every 117 carries during his career.

    Tatum Bell, the running back taken two spots before Jones, had three fumbles last season, but he also recovered several on one bounce. Kevin Jones, who went to the Lions in the first round, fumbled 10 times during a two-year stretch at Virginia Tech.

    If you want to know how much Parcells values holding onto the football, look at last season. When running back Aveion Cason and return specialist Zuriel Smith put the ball on the ground, they quickly found themselves on the inactive list.

    College running backs often get away with swinging their arms out while making a move. But NFL defensive backs are taught to wrap up and strip the ball, and not necessarily in that order.

    Parcells hopes that Jones can give the team 15 to 20 carries per game this season. But he’s banking on him holding onto the ball.

    Romo busy on the links: After shooting an 82 in Monday’s EDS Byron Nelson Championship qualifier, Cowboys quarterback/scratch golfer Tony Romo was at it again Wednesday. Romo was trying to make it through the first stage of U.S. Open qualifying at Brookhaven Country Club. He came up short again by shooting an 83.

    Romo doesn’t have many peers when it comes to driving distance, but his lack of practice time hinders his short game. His first priority is becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he hasn’t ruled out making a run at the PGA Tour when his football days are over.

    Long odds for free-agent rookies: For some NFL teams, signing free-agent rookies is an afterthought. The thought of paying $15-20 million signing bonuses seems preposterous to them. But Bill Parcells has never taken that approach.

    He enters each draft with the belief that he might be able to hit on two or three free-agent rookies. Here are five of those players who have a decent chance to make the final roster:

    Steve Cargile 6-1, 205 Safety Columbia
    Tom Crowder 6-1, 203 Safety/Special teams Arkansas
    Kevin Emanuel 6-4, 259 Defensive end Florida State
    Ryan Fowler 6-3, 243 Linebacker Duke
    Lousaka Polite 6-0, 246 Fullback Pittsburgh
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    nice read..thanks

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    Man, am I ready for some FOOTBALL!!
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    15-20 carries? I was thinking more like 20-25.
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    I guess he doesn't think that WR James Newson has a decent chance of making the team?
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    Smokescreens, disinformation and mind games...
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    i can't wait for training camp and pre-season to get a look at guys like henson, jones, rogers, and peterman. it will be exciting.

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    Umm, no offense but Julius had more than 2 fumbles last year. They need to get their facts straight.
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    Or Kalen Thornton....but what do we know? I thought Shatbrick would run for 1,000 and score 10 TDs this year.
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    The ND site shows only the two lost fumbles - how many do you have him losing?
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    Julius is a much better back than Tatum.
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    Does anyone in the Dallas media use an editor?
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    Well, they have every right to think it's preposterous ... but not our Bill! :D
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    i hope you're right man!

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    hopefully we can hit on some of these udfa's we've had good luck in the past.Love the manster pic ,great memories!
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    Julius Jones: Give him the damn.....wait a minute, we already have one of those guys!
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    Naahhh....facts are way over rated.
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    Yeeeep...much like QB rating's

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