DMN pic : Bobby Carpenter vs. Vince Young

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by VoR, May 4, 2006.

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    "Bobby Carpenter didn't have much success chasing down Vince Young, but the former Ohio State linebacker is talented enough to crack the Cowboys' starting lineup."

    They screwed up with that idiotic caption.

    Watch his highlight video :

    Carp is tackling VY behind the line of scrimmage, chasing him down and tackling him from behind and also knocking a pass away that turns into an interception. Ohio State came very close to winning that game. Don't these "professionals" ever check before they write?
  2. cstanton1987

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    But we still won the game
  3. silver

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    kevin greene reincarnate
  4. StanleySpadowski

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    "we" won? What position did you play? This site always welcomes players and their relatives.
  5. CrazyCowboy

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    Nice pic...
  6. GhettoxCowboy

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    nicely said bro i was thinkin the same thing. he looks like him, and more with the hair...
  7. StanleySpadowski

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    Except their games have nothing at all in common. Greene was a one-dimensional player. Carpenter is an average pass rusher who excels in other aspects of the game.
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    When you live and die with them for 40+ years and celebrate from the mountain top when they win and go into a fit of depression when they lose; yes, WE win and WE lose. Who attends the games and cheers the team on and screams until they are hoarse and encourages them to win; WE do.

    The coaches don't play positions! The owners don't play positions! All of the staff and workers involved in all of the day to day work with the every day operation of the franchise don't play positions but every one of them will say WE won when WE win.
  9. fortdick

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    Dern! Our boy is quick, hard to block, and hits HARD! Way to go Jerruh!
  10. calico

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    The Ohio State linebackers were all over Vince after the first two drives....leaving the flats wide open all day long.
  11. BlueStar22

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  12. CowboyJeff

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    A lot of them really are morons who consistently print untruths as if they were facts. Thats why I never listen to someone's "draft grades" - good or bad.:liarliar:
  13. JackMagist

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    Greene WAS NOT one dimensional. :rolleyes:

    He could rush the passer, play the run and drop into coverage. He may have been better at some aspects than others but he could do all three well. I may never have liked his teams but Give the Devil His Due. Greene was a complete player...and Carpenter seems to be as well.
  14. junk

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    I don't know, I also don't care for fans saying "We" either.

    We cheer from our couch or stadium seat while players spend the better portion of their life in the weight room, in the film room or on the practice field. We enjoy beers while we watch the game while it is a livelihood for coaches and front office people. Doesn't seem the same really.

    I am sure players appreciate fans, but I doubt they consider them part of the team. Teammates are the guys you work with day in and day out to achieve a common goal.

    Heck, Cowboys rookies don't even get the star on their helmet until they prove themselves.

    Probably just my personal preference, but I consider them two seperate entities.
  15. bbgun

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  16. JackMagist

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    I've been a Cowboys fan since the team was formed in 1960. I have as much invested emotionally in this team as damn right I say "WE" when referring to the Cowboys. And I'm not changing either.
  17. VoR

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    Well.....obviously it was a statement not based on fact. They didn't watch the film or game or they never would have printed that statement.
  18. VoR

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    I'm a Longhorn fan and have been since the 80's. I've been to hostile stadiums to cheer them on.

    However, I'm a Longhorn fan second and a Cowboy fan first. I wasn't bashing either Texas or VY but merely stating how well Carp played. That and how the DMN media screwed up again.....
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    On topic here... the Ohio State LBs did a great job of containing Vince Young on the ground, but they certainly did so at the peril of the passing game.

    I was very impressed by both Hawk and Carpenter that game. Not impressed with Youboty.
  20. MiStar

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    Taxas' defense won that game more than Vince did. The Buckeyes had possesion after possesion in the redzone and the Texas D turned them back almost every time.

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