News: DMN: Players stick up for Cowboys coach: 'It wouldn't do us good at all' to fire him

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 2, 2010.

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    David Moore

    IRVING – Wade Phillips walked into his Valley Ranch office Monday morning and reviewed tape from the Cowboys' first seven games.

    He presented his thoughts to owner Jerry Jones, met with his assistants, addressed his players, then held a news conference to announce that he intends to extract the team from this 1-6 mess by focusing on fundamentals.

    None of this puts an end to speculation. The threat level gauge on the head coach's job fluctuates somewhere between orange and red.

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  2. justbob

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    Fire Wade and put the players on notice --no ones job is safe.

    Start the young players and let them at least learn ----and oh yeah get back to fundamentals:lmao:
  3. Idgit

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    It's actually impressive that Wade's players are soundly behind him at 1-6. I know we're in 'overreact to everything even more than usual' mode right now, but I'm surprised there aren't players trashing him anonymously or ****ing him with faint praise.
  4. Doomsday101

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    Well guys if you did not want to lose Wade then you should have stepped up and play like men. Wade treated you like men and you are showing you can't handle that. Evidently you need to be micro managed
  5. noshame

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    No way they want Wade gone, they'd have to hit and stuff, even wear full pads.....:laugh2:
  6. Hoofbite

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    Why wouldn't they be?

    He goes so easy on them and no player every has to take blame.

    He's the perfect enabler. Wouldn't you want someone to tell you that you are God's gift to football even though your name is Alan Ball?

    Of course they love him.
  7. Doomsday101

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    Seems to me the players are placing the blame on themselves for their poor showing.
  8. Chuck 54

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    Could be worse...How would you like to have Childress for your coach right now? A guy who won't explain anything to the players, just announces that "Moss will no longer be with the team...he's not the type of player we need around here." Then leaves the team to wonder if he's lost his mind to let a talented player they had already come to respect go like this...and without discussing it with the management?

    That guy has lost his locker room, and it's going to get worse.

    Even Shannahan, who seemed to really have it together and be making progress in the right direction with the this ignorant dealing with McNabb? McNabb is the QB he wanted...he acquired him...he was 4-3 with McNabb in a new offense with a weak OL and hardly any receivers...then with 2 minutes left, you pull your franchise, probowl QB for ...<gulp> Rex Grossman? The guy had 1 td and 1 int...not a great day, but not a poor one either...he'd been sacked 6 times, which as any Cowboys fan knows is hard to do, so somehow you think you have a better chance to score and win a game with <gulp> Rex Grossman?!!!!!

    Insanity!!!! And then to step up and tell two ridiculous excuses...first, it's because McNabb doesn't know the 2-minute offense as well as Grossman, despite being there since April and practicing the 2-minute offense every day in practice and running it in other games this year?

    Then the next day someone tells him that one won't fly, so he changes it to "conditioning"?...McNabb isn't in good enough shape for all the running in the 2-minute offense? IS this the same McNabb who's been scrambling and running for 20 yard gains this year, looking like a younger McNabb? And you say he's not in good enough shape to run the 2-minute offense?

    Shannahan has obviously lost his mind...With an injured hamstring, out of breath, not even knowing many of the plays or what to call them (all bs by the way), would anyone still prefer Grossman with the game on the line to McNabb?

    Those ridiculous excuses that threw McNabb under the bus are going to be a huge problem for Shannahan in that locker room, I'll guarantee you that, especially if they don't immediately win the next couple of games...lose next week and start slinking back to the pack as expected, and suddenly players are going to focus on what Shanny was trying to pull with McNabb after the issues he already had with Haynesworth.

    I'm not saying Wade shouldn't be fired...he is responsible, as are the players and gm, but man, at least it's refreshing to hear a guy say the right things and hear his players stick up for him, even at 1-6, as opposed to what's going on in Minny and WAshington.
  9. VirusX

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    I love my cowboys but why wouldn't they love a man who powders their bottoms everyday even when they are playing like an autistic 3rd grader in peewee?

    No disrespect to autistic 3rd graders in peewee. They could get more pressure on opposing QB's right now...
  10. kreepy

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    I disagree that Shanahan and Childress are worse. While players on the Skins and Vikings may not like their coaches they ARE STILL PLAYING HARD which the Cowboys are not. The soldiers in World War II liked their current general prior to Patton's arrival, but they weren't fighting and winning. Most hated Patton but they respected him as a General (if not as a man). He changed their paradigm through leadership and discipline. He got the most out of them which is the essence of leadership.....everyone pulling in the same direction to achieve a common cause. The Cowboys are not pulling together, they are all milling around waiting for the offseason.

    When I see the Packers and Skins play, I see commitment, heart, focus and effort. I saw very little of that in the last Cowboys game. Dez Bryant is a good example of an exception. He may be a primadonna of sorts, but he IS playing with commitment, heart, focus and effort.

    Brad Childress has irritated people but they are still doing what he asks, for the most part. Ditto with Shanahan. Oh and by the way, both have better records than Wade this year. I don't like either one of them, but I sure think they are doing a better job than Wade right now.
  11. Wood

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    why would players trash a HC who basically let them run things with no accountability.
  12. Juke99

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    I love when players support their head coach and then go out on the field and quit on him.
  13. Idgit

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    Players dump on coaches all the time. Winning's a lot more important than having a guy people think is soft.

    Not to mention, there's very little evidence from the team that Wade lets them run things and doesn't hold them accountable.

    There are degrees of quitting by a team, and whatever the product on the field, these guys are still defending their coach. That shouldn't make anyone feel insecure about anything, it's just the reality of the crappy situation we're in.

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