News: DMN: Practicing with officials has helped offensive line, Cowboys reduce penalties

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    Bill Nichols

    IRVING – During the third quarter Sunday in Indianapolis , Colts defensive tackle Daniel Muir tried to use Cowboys center Andre Gurode's back as a stairway to block David Buehler's field goal attempt.

    Gurode's argument for a leverage call didn't result in a penalty. But because he drew attention to it, the Colts got busted on the next field goal attempt.

    The leverage penalty resulted in a first down for Dallas. The Cowboys promptly scored a touchdown and two-point conversion for a 35-28 lead with 2:38 left in regulation.

    "I was sitting there pointing at the ref, like, 'Throw the flag; that is leveraging,' " Gurode said. "He kind of had a head's up before the play."

    The Cowboys' offensive line spent much of the season's first half getting flagged and breaking down. But they've leveraged a strong rushing attack during their current 3-1 stretch.

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    I am so glad that they started having refs at practice. it has def been a big diff in the penalty dept. cut back tremendously on gameday
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    yup. koodoo's to WADE for getting that done 4 years into his contract.:laugh1:
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    I don't know why nobody gives Jerry Jones credit for this. You know those officials aren't free. It's just another example of Jones being willing to spend his money to try and put a better product on the field and win more games. Everybody always whines about Jerry only spending money on the "sexy" stuff like skill players and big tv's. He spends top dollar from top to bottom to make this team better. You better believe the Cardinals and Bengals wouldn't spend the dime to have refs for practices. And, it's not like Dallas is alone with having penalty issues.
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