News: DMN: Rest assured: Cowboys, Vikings and Eagles usually win after a bye

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    01:36 AM CDT on Sunday, October 3, 2010
    By RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News

    The NFL begins its string of byes this weekend. Kansas City, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and the Cowboys are the first set of teams to get a weekend off. Green Bay, New Orleans, Oakland and Seattle draw the final byes on Nov. 14.

    The byes represent a big edge for the Cowboys, a bigger edge for the Vikings and the biggest edge for the Eagles.

    The NFL began incorporating byes into the schedule in 1990, stretching the season from 16 to 17 weeks to generate more television revenue.

    The Cowboys are 16-5 coming off bye weeks. When they return Oct. 10 to face the Tennessee Titans, the Cowboys will take a five-game post-bye week winning streak to the field.

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