News: DMN: Rick Gosselin's scouting report: Opportunistic Redskins thrive on miscues

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    By RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News

    The Washington Redskins have the worst defense in the NFL. So the Redskins need generosity from the opposing offense to win games.

    In the season opener against the Cowboys, on the final play of the first half, Tony Romo threw a pass in the flat to Tashard Choice. While struggling for a few extra meaningless yards, Choice fumbled the ball. Cornerback DeAngelo Hall scooped it up and raced 32 yards for Washington's only touchdown in a 13-7 victory.

    Like the 4-9 Cowboys, the Redskins are out of the playoff picture with a 5-8 record. But turnovers such as the Choice fumble have been the saving grace for Washington in a season gone wrong. Giving the Redskins the ball is giving them a chance. Washington has forced 13 turnovers in its five wins and only 11 in the eight losses.

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