DMN: Several recent Dallas Cowboys decisions indicate organizational myopia

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, May 30, 2014.

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    Don't click on the bait, ladies and gents.
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    No, really it's you. This was all discussed when Kiffin was hired. And if you bothered to look at the seahawks CBs they are all big press man cover cbs coming out of college but they play other coverages too.
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    No. The article I linked to specifically mentions Chicago's defense, which is relevant because a man on staff (Marinelli) ran that scheme. Nobody on the Cowboys coaching staff has ever been involved with Seattle's defense. Anyway, it's ludicrous to suggest that the defense run by Marinelli and Kiffin is man-based. They are known as Dungy disciples and were two main proponents of zone coverage schemes.
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    In his avatar you can clearly see that Fuzzy is about to run into the tree

    He is clearly myopic

    I rest my case
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    The one thing that should benefit this team from having a GM with a lifetime appointment is his ability to take the long-view and make decisions that will benefit the team for years to come.

    Unfortunately, our GM thinks only year to year.

    The switch to the 4-3 may or may not be the best example.

    But, in my opinion, the restructuring of contracts the last several years are perfect examples.

    In February 2013, this team was 20 million over the cap. To to create space they restructured five players, including DeMarcus Ware, Miles Austin, Jay Ratliff, and Nate Livings.

    Those players are now all gone, resulting in the following dead money:

    Austin -- $2,750,000 this year and $5.1 million next year (because of the Post June 1 designation)
    Ware -- $8,571,500
    Ratliff -- $6,928,000
    Livings -- $2,100,000

    Total = $20,349,000

    That dead money total for just 4 players is greater than the total amount of dead money for 30 teams (Bills are the only team with a bigger number).

    The problem is Jerry is, well, myopic. He sees only his team and he always thinks its just a few pieces or a few tweaks away from contending.

    Jerry operated this way post-Jimmy. As he said at the time, he believed that if he could just get enough players around Aikman, he might get another SB.

    And Jerry has been operating this way post-Parcells.

    The results are strikingly similar.
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    Interesting observation. Good stuff.

    Queue the crowd who say the dead money doesn't matter.
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    GM is clueless. Nothing new here.
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    Exactly. Having a GM who isn't under pressure to save his job should be a benefit because he can take more of a long term view. Unfortunately, Jerry 1) isn't good at football and 2) cares so much about this year's income statement that he isn't capable of doing that.
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    They switched schemes to the 4-3 because as I recall, game number two of the 2012 season left a huge impression on Jerry. It was the game that got Rob Ryan fired supposedly. They fact that they didnt have the players to fit the scheme, well that was just a minor detail.
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    Marinelli or kiffin said it last year during training camp.

    Don't remember when it was said but it was said to look more towards seattle a defense instead of the original Tampa 2

    My guess is that the revolving door on the defense line caused the scheme to be adjusted.
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    Who said we never played it in games? I didn't. I think you just don't remember very well how the season played out, so you're dodging the issue.

    Claiborne did miss multiple preseason games with a knee injury. And he's one of the main reasons we'd want to be playing man in the first place. All one of him.

    With him back, we did start playing a lot more zone relatively early in the season particularly in the Broncos game and especially extending through the first Redskins and Eagles games. That's kind of how you'd expect it to play out with the new installation given the higher risk/reward of playing press man and the juggling we were doing at S early on.

    Eventually, injuries and the DL problems caught up with us, and we went back to predominantly zone coverages, but team management was still suggesting late in the season that we ought to get back to man if we could. Don't blame me if you somehow slept through all that.

    And, as I said last time, I didn't imply anything in that original post beyond what I said explicitly. I'm not even sure what you're suggesting in that regard, or why. I was very clear.

    Finally, why would I bother to backpedal when you've yet to make even a reasonable point, even by completely disregarding the actual argument I made in the first place? People only backpedal when they need to back up, usually.
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    I think that was a big reason Ryan was let go. He played zone all the time. At least they switched it up last year and played more man.
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    I'm Not buying the zone or man CB thing. If your good you can play either. Not saying we didn't overpay for both. The issue is the lack of talent and depth across the board. In 2012 we had the worst OL in football. In 2013 we had the worst DL in football and it made other wise decent CB look horrible. This continues to be a dsyfuntional franchise. I love them regardless and see better days ahead.
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    Every year?

    We were a 3-4 team for along time.

    Now we are a 4-3 team in it's 2nd year.

    I expect better results.
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    I wasn't specifically talking about the defense. My point was more about the team cycling through OCs/Playercallers and DCs in recent years and the changes that go along with that.

    This year again there is a new DC and a new OC (sorta in Linehan... I think.... maybe.)
  16. burmafrd

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    Jerruh has a tendency to not notice a lot of minor details like that
  17. Ratmatt

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    Jerry listening to Lacewell doesn't help any.
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    I'm going to take a GUESS at why the team switched.

    1. The Rob Ryan 3-4 moves players around the field a lot with multiple assignments. Confuses the offence, but is a negative when it confuses the defence.
    2. Ryan for some odd reason bragged that he was going to play an aggressive defence, but rolled out a "Tinkerbell" version. Did he even ttrust his defence.
    3. Garrett wanted a more fundamentally sound scheme. The Tampa 2 is exactly that. It's the old Chuck Noll defence and the basic variant is taught to young football players all over North America as the two deep zone. The biggest difference in the Tampa 2 is the MLB dropping back in coverage.
    4. Team wanted to get younger on the defensive side. Bringing Kiffin and Marinelli who are considered two of the finest teaching coaches in the business along with the Tampa 2, considered a simple defence, was a scheme changed designed to ease the learning curve and allow the team to compete.

    Last year's injuries put a wrench in the plans. Let's see how the players pick up the scheme this year. I expect the players to be more coordinated in their understanding of the scheme and execute better. The issue I worry about is whether we have the talent or experience on the defensive side to hang with NFL offences.
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    last season was the 1st season under this defensive system. I agree both Carr and Claiborne are better man cover guys and I think they will see man on man coverages but I also think both are capable of playing within a zone.
  20. Doomsday101

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    That was Jimmy Johnsons boy, it was Jimmy who hired Larry Lacewell in the frist place. Jimmy listened to him as well that is why he hired him.

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