News: DMN: Sherrington: Why Jason Garrett deserves one more season

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    Question: It pains me to say this the boys are not going to win these next two games and I don't see them winning the division Im a fan of Garrett he's done some good things but he's not the answer it's time to move on he's to predictable your thoughts.

    Kevin Sherrington: I guess you weren't heartened any to see the Saints lose to the Jets. Me neither. Drew Brees will probably light up the Cowboys' defense, just as every other Top 10 QB has done this year. I don't think they'll beat the Giants, either. The key will be the game in Chicago. If they win that game, which is certainly a good possibility, they can go 9-7. Even if they go 8-8, though, they can still win the NFC East. As for Garrett, let's let Jerry give him a good draft, one with some defensive linemen in it. He deserves one more season, at least.

    Question: How in the world did Jerry Jones allow the Cowboys to dip so far on defense that they have a bunch of no-names along the front and backside of the defense. Giving up 419 yards per game. It is more than injuries, too, investing in Ratliff, trading up for Clairborne, etc. An on-the-field GM wouldn't stand for something like that.

    Kevin Sherrington: Jerry said before the season that the defensive line was the strength of the team. Let's look at that thought process. Other than Tyrone Crawford, who's 23, the other four he referenced were all 29 or older. Injuries are unpredictable, but age isn't. The Cowboys should have drafted at least one DL this year to build for the future, especially with questions about Ratliff and the contract situations of Spencer and Hatcher. They didn't take any. They did, however, take a TE who can't block in the second round because they wanted to go to a two tight end offense that they have since abandoned. They've gotten a lot of mileage out of this draft, which was very good. But that was a key mistake in the second round, and a lack of vision about the DL.

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