News: DMN:Talk of coaching change adds to Cowboys' difficulties

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    Archer: Talk of coaching change adds to Cowboys' difficulties

    11:55 PM CDT on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    COLUMN By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – Jason Witten has never experienced this before. Neither has Bradie James, Terence Newman, Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff or Miles Austin.

    Of the players who have spent their entire career with the Cowboys on the 53-man roster, only Andre Gurode is familiar with this feeling.

    Gurode was a rookie in 2002 when the Cowboys were heading toward their third straight 5-11 season, and everybody knew Dave Campo would not be coaching the team in 2003.

    Sure, there were flickers of a flame about Wade Phillips' job status in 2008 and last season, but nothing like this.

    At 1-6, the calls for Phillips' job have never been more pronounced either by the media or the fandom.

    But for some of the players, among them Keith Brooking, and Leonard Davis, they have experienced these feelings before.

    Brooking went through an in-season change in Atlanta in 2003, when Phillips was promoted after Dan Reeves was fired.


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    I don't want then toworry about Wades job --I want them to worry about their own job
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    The "fire the coach" rumblings started weeks ago. The players must have heard them. They repeatedly say, "it's on us, not the coach". They are the only ones in any position to keep the coach from getting fired, and they continue to play sloppy undisciplined football. Actions speak louder than words. They say they respect Wade, but their actions say otherwise.
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    Can I hear just one guy on this team say " I'm too worried about Green bay prep to talk about personell" is that too much to ask?

    GB 55 Dalas 3 , you can bet on it.:bang2:
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    Phillips said, "As long as you can get them to do what they want to do...

    Seriously, Wade. Really?

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