News: DMN: Taylor: Cowboys show they want to play for Garrett beyond 2010

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Jean Jacques Taylor

    ARLINGTON – In the 14 days Jason Garrett has been the Cowboys interim head coach, he's given this team a direction and focus it never had even in the best days of the Wade Phillips' regime.

    The players regurgitate Garrett's mantras and philosophies, in part, because his communication style leaves no room for misinterpretation.

    When you think about it, professional athletes are no different than kids. They crave discipline, and respond to it. If they don't get it, they'll do the athletic equivalent of eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Understand, Garrett's not the messiah. There's no need to wash his feet or ask him to gently rub anointing oil on our foreheads. But he's already convinced the players on this team that his way is not only the best way – it's the only way.

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    Saints game is going to be especially tough. They are a good team with the best QB we've seen. It's also a very short week w/no team to put on pads. Previous Cowboys coaching staff should have included preparation for this game, but who knows what Wade did & if anything he did is viable. Our poor OL play (right side), secondary problems, etc. doesn't help at all. Also don't think the Saints will believe this is a trip game & not play their best.

    BTW: Was Sean Payton the OC of the Giants when Garrett was the backup QB there or had Garrett already moved on to Miami?
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    Great point and well-written. Something I've said previously on this board.
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    I'm starting to become a believer in Garrett... His attention to detail and toughness will go a long way.
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    from the bottom of taylor's article... garrett doesn't have to do much to outperform this gruop. yuck...

    Since the merger in 1970, Jason Garrett is only the seventh interim coach to start 2-0 as coach:

    Year Coach Team Start Finish
    1979 Larry Wilson St. Louis 2-0 2-1
    1982 Mike McCormack Philadelphia 2-0 4-3
    1986 Ron Meyer Indianapolis 3-0 3-0
    1996 Bruce Coslet Cincinnati 3-0 7-2
    2000 Gary Moeller Detroit 3-0 4-3
    2008 Jim Haslett St. Louis 2-0 2-10
    2010 Jason Garrett Cowboys 2-0 –
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    A couple of things about the Saints game: the Saints have more on the line than the Cowboys do. We're a 3-7 team with nothing to play for (I'm not buying all the playoff talk). The Saints are the defending SB Champs with a constant target on their backs.

    I like the Cowboys chances in this game. I don't know why, I just do. Ironically, I was more worried about the Saints match-up last year than I am this year. Go figure. (Although I expect they might be a little angry that we ruined their chances for an undefeated season last year....oh, well!) :lmao:

    Keep in mind: Cleveland and Arizona beat these guys this year. And the Cleveland game was in the Super Dome.

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