News: DMN:The family he values: For Jason Garrett, success defined by power of 10

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    Editor's note: This story originally appeared in the Nov. 22, 2007 editions of The Dallas Morning News

    Back when the kids all still lived under the Garrett family roof, there was always the possibility between nonstop football talk and heaping helpings of Thanksgiving turkey that coach Garrett would call for an impromptu scrimmage.

    "OK, Janine. You're the tackle," coach Jim Garrett might instruct one of his four daughters as events shifted from the crowded dining room to the living room, more conducive to running a spread formation. "Jennifer, you're the center. Jill, you're here. Jane, you're there."

    Coach Garrett would then rattle off the four boys' assignments. Jim, John, Jason and Judd - future football coaches themselves - would line up accordingly.

    Eight was always enough to run a play in the Garrett house.

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