News: DMN: Though surprised by 'boys fade, 'Moose' Johnston preaches patience with JG

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Chuck Carlton / Reporter | Bio
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    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett needs time to fully implement his system and rework the roster with his type of player, former Cowboy and current Fox broadcaster Daryl Johnson said Wednesday.

    "I think a lot of people have to understand that Jason Garrett has been on the job for a little over a year," Johnston said. "He's never had an offseason with his group to really start to get his message across. They've really had to learn on the fly.

    "I see all the panic from Dallas fans and really can't understand it. We're still early on in this transition phase as we move into this Jason Garrett Era."

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    I agree, at least the guy one more year to and a full off season and then we can see if he has what it takes.:starspin
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    I still believe he's got the smarts to eventually figure it out plus I think he can work with Jerry (I hope :eek: ). I think he's going to need more than another year though.
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    Solid coaching should have been the difference in the Detroit, Arizona, and New England games. Is there any doubt that New England's head coach could have taken the Cowboys and beat his own team back in October? Not for me. Dallas lost that game in the red-zone, too.

    Those are three games where Dallas' coaching helped doom them. Garrett was badly out-coached in the Arizona game, too. Not one pass directed at New England's end-zone, but you get the shuffle pass to Tulius Choice, while Dez Bryant is one-on-one with a player that the Patriots cut later in the year. Romo should have checked out of that terrible play call, too. You have to love the 4 minute Tecmo Bowl drill against Detroit, too.

    I became a Jason Garrett supporter after he turned the team around last year, but he has totally lost me now. The way the coaches treated
    Felix Jones is a major factor, too.

    I was 100% for the Tyron Smith pick and advocated that pick, big time. I was for the offensive line make-over, because it was needed, bad. The roster needed the major fat cut off, and that happened. However, there was no time for on the job training at head coach, and Garrett clearly made some very costly, tactical, strategic mistakes in those three games that I have referenced above.

    There was absolutely no reason for this team to not win at least 10 games and make the playoffs.

    Romo and Witten and Ware can't play forever, and this was another wasted year, and the clock is ticking. Dallas didn't have time for "growing pains" from the head coach this year. They needed to win now with this core group of players. Now, they have 1 playoff appearance in the last 4 years.

    There is nothing like giving Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin permanent tenure. That is what the Jerry Jones driven Cowboys have done.

    The Cowboys gave the division to the Giants on a silver platter, and that is an abomination for a true Dallas fan.

    Who is your daddy, Jerry Jones?

    It's the Giants and Eagles. They are glad that you don't want that "clutter" around.
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    No, we all realize he's got limited experience at what he does......coaching and playcalling.

    Which is why its so frustrating to see guys like Witten, Ware and Romo in their primes and losing, in part, because of questionable coaching and playcalling.
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    More excuses by JG's old buddies. Hey Jim Harbaugh didn't have a off season and he took a 6-10 team from 2010 to being the NFC 2nd seed.
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    Running with the big dogs and being weaned goes upon the players. And that was why patience was commented upon by Moose. He saw that leadership wasn't the element lacking...but that the players couldn't hang with the big boys when something was actually on the line. Even as simple as franshise pride and the last game at the old stadium. Two times where a win and a playoff were on the line. No, that part is on the players who should be able to line up against an opponent and make any play happen one time at least.

    And the Eagles and Giants both start an upturn at the close of this season, as Dallas did the past season. But for records here, both the Gints and the Beagles still put on pants, one leg at a time. This season is over, but the Cowboys aren't down.

    Huff and puff and attempt to blow the house down, but this structure just ain't coming down....
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    Guess what, the Pope is Roman Catholic, and there are still other denominations with socially redeemable features...
  9. CCBoy

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    They also could grab ahold of a pair and execute on any given they did in the Super Bowl era. Oh yea, players today are supposed to just have similar commitment and fortitude because they are on the turf now...
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  11. visionary

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    i think garrett is the best option
    he has the traits to become a good HC

    he needs an OC and to have someone with experience to lean on because he never got to learn under a great NFL HC (i dont mean as a player)
  12. newlander

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    Jerry is...and people are finally starting to realize it: I hope that place is half full for all the home games: or even a quarter full. ONLY way he'll change's the ONLY way he'll ever change. Old stubborn SOB is like a wild mustang: gotta break him: not physically of course, but financially.:bang2:
  13. Doomsday101

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    "I see all the panic from Dallas fans and really can't understand it. We're still early on in this transition phase as we move into this Jason Garrett Era."

    This is what they do Moose :laugh2:
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    I agree that Harbaugh has done a great job this year with the 49ers but there are a lot of factors that determine a team's final record.

    Let's wait a couple years and see if Harbaugh's turnaround in San Fran is a permanent thing or if it's a one year wonder before we annoint him the next great HC in the NFL.
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    Oh, definitely shoot him up to the top of the class and put him in charge of all finances...maybe you can contribute to a select candidate during the primary as well. How are you at tea readings?

    Oh, and he doesn't run nearly well enough to compare 'ol Jerry to a mustang.
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    My only question is why is Moose suprised by the collapse?:laugh2:
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    "I think a lot of people have to understand that Jason Garrett has been on the job for a little over a year," Johnston said. "He's never had an offseason with his group to really start to get his message across. They've really had to learn on the fly.

    How long has Garrett been offensive coordinator with his group?
    How long has Garrett been assistant head coach with his group?

    People act like Garrett just got here this year. Total bullcrap. Garrett got schooled and outcoached this year. Plain and simple. Garrett wasn't ready for a head coaching job.

    Whether he grows into the position next year is the big question. Hopefully, he does.
  18. Romo_To_Dez

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    Hard to be patient right now. Garrett is not new to the coaching staff this is just his first year as a Head coach, but as the OC he messed up on some things that should be common sense for only OC/Head Coach.

    Like in the Detriot game not running the ball in the second half up big to run out the clock, In the Pats game not trying to throw for a first down knowing how Brady is at the 2 minute drill and late 4th quarter drives, The Arizona game instead of calling a TO right when Dez caught the ball for the first Garrett decides to wait untilt he FG try to call a timeout and ends up freezing his own kicker and losing the game.

    All of these things Garrett should know already as an OC how to do time management in these situations.
  19. Mr Cowboy

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    I agree with this, Parcells had his best year with Campo's players, Wade had his best year with Parcells' players. Let's see how he does when they catch up to his style. Of course he will always have an advantage with the NFC West being so bad. That's pretty much 6 easy wins.

    I think the biggest downfall for Garrett this year, (aside from Jerry) was that he didn't take the purging of high priced under achievers far enough. Just like he went with bad, young players to replace the OL, he should have taken that same chance with the defense. Newman, James, Brooking, and some others should have been let go. We would not have done worse with these players gone. We would probably be one year closer to finding adequate replacements, or at least know what we have in younger players.
  20. kmp77

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    Seriously, people need to go back and watch hard knocks and listen to Garrett on that show. Talks the exact same as he does now about accountability etc. Didn't work then. Still the same bad OC. I dunno, maybe one day it'll click and he'll bring us a championship. I just haven't seen anything yet to make me think he can. *shrugs*

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