News: DMN: Tim Brown: Dez Bryant ‘scares me’, plays position like a ‘kamikaze'

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    By SportsDayDFW sports
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    Former Oakland Raiders receiver Tim Brown joined the Fitzsimmons and Durrett show on ESPN Radio 103.3 FM on Friday and was asked about Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.

    “This guy scares me so much,” Brown said. “I’m just talking about the way he plays the position. (It) is like a kamikaze. He is so physical and so out of control at times. The problem with that is that when you’re dealing with a guy who is 6-3, 6-4 who has a pretty large frame, it’s almost impossible to protect this guy if he is not going to protect himself.”

    Brown’s main point of contention was that at times Bryant fought too hard for extra yardage and took unnecessary shots.

    “They have to talk to him about preserving himself for the full season, man, because they need this kid on the field all the time. But he takes himself out of the game by doing some of the things he does. He’s trying to do good. That’s the bad thing. I mean, that’s the hard thing about this is it’s not like he’s doing dumb plays. He’s trying to make something happen but sometimes you just have to be a little smarter about how you go about that because you can certainly put yourself in a position that you end up hurting the team instead of helping.”

    Brown also spoke about Miles Austin and his tendency for hamstring injuries early in the season.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...cares-me-plays-position-like-a-kamikaze.html/
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    Very good advice from one of the greatest WR ever...
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    Good stuff, WG. Thanks.
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    "Brown also spoke about Miles Austin and his tendency for hamstring injuries early in the season.

    “I said this to Miles: Whatever you’re doing, obviously you have to look at something differently,” Brown said. “I don’t know if its products that he’s putting in his body. I’m not saying it’s anything illegal. You can put too much caffeine in your body and it can jack you up, but whether it’s that or if it’s the fact that his training is not (right), because one of the things we used to do that was really beneficial was we always trained in our football shoes. I know nowadays they do a lot of track running, they do a lot of indoor type stuff and you can’t put those football shoes on, but when you’re cutting and running in football shoes, it’s totally different than running in track shoes.”

    I would LOVE to see what we could do with a healthy Miles and Dez for an entire season.
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    What's weird you would think if he talked to Miles that he would have better insight to what the problem is and what Miles is doing different now to fix the problem. But nope, we get his hypothesis instead.
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    I wish Tim Brown would shut up. The guy sounds like a bitterman everytime he opens his mouth.
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    on anything else true. But as regards WRs and playing as a WR only a fool would ignore his advice.
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    Bring him in as a coach....
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    Tim needs to shut his pie-hole. Go cry about Callahan some more. :laugh2:

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