News: DMN: Tom Ciskowski on Morris Claiborne: 'What jumped out at us were his ball skills'

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    Dallas Cowboys scout Tom Ciskowski joined Galloway & Company on KESN-FM 103.3 on Monday. Here are some highlights:

    On what stood out about Morris Claiborne:
    “Obviously, a good corner has great skills. He can pedal, change direction and all of that is important. You’ll see a lot of corners when it’s it flight knock the ball away, but they won’t make a play on the ball. What jumped out at us were his ball skills. He intercepted balls, and turnovers in a game are so critical. You can knock a pass down on 2nd and 8 and they get another opportunity to get a first down, but if he intercepts the ball and turns it over, that’s huge for our team to get an extra possession and hopefully go down and score.”

    On where he sees Tyrone Crawford helping immediately:
    “The young man plays hard. He competes on every down.

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