News: DMN: Tony Romo on Jerry Jones: ‘He’s great at life lessons…I have never seen a guy...

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    By Rainer Sabin / Reporter
    2:54 pm on September 13, 2012 | Permalink

    IRVING — Tony Romo and Jerry Jones joined the mutual admiration society long ago. The quarterback and owner get along swimmingly as evidenced by the fact that they both go out of their way to praise each other when the opportunity presents itself. On Thursday, it was Romo’s turn to pay compliments to the man who writes his checks.

    “I got lucky when iIcame here and work for an owner who cares as badly as I do about winning,” Romo said. “…Just from my perspective he has been as great an owner as you could possibly have.”

    Romo said that Jones is very “knowledgeable” about football. But his most notable strength, according to Romo, is the ability to connect with the team.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...ns-i-have-never-seen-a-guy-work-as-hard.html/
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    Jerry Jones is without question a great American. I wish I could truly enjoy the fact he owns our Cowboys.
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    Having an owner like Jerry has its ups and downs.. But I can agree that Jerry wants to win just as badly as us fans..
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    Totally agree.
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    No. Jerry admitted he should have fired himself as General Manager. Then why didn't he? Why hasn't he?

    If he really wanted to win he'd get the team the dedicated personnel manager it needs, define the roles of leadership and how everyone will be held accountable and sit back and watch his team win.

    Between his NFL, stadium, and team marketing duties he'd be plenty involved.

    The only conclusion you can come to is first and foremost he wants it to be his team and his success at every level. Winning comes second to his own adulation.
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    cue the "they tore up my credit cards at Love Field" story from Jerry...
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    Right on time, too. Like a clock.

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