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    Deion Sanders on being critical of Tony Romo: You're doing the same thing, Cowboys fans
    From Staff Reports
    Published: 09 October 2011 11:34 PM

    Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was interviewed by Ben and Skin on KESN-FM 103.3 on Friday (10/7) to discuss the Dallas Cowboys.

    At the beginning of the interview, he was asked about his thoughts on Tony Romo, and he responded to the negative reaction from Cowboys fans on his comments:

    "First and foremost, I don't care if I played for the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to tell the truth. Many people feel like I'm stabbing the Cowboys in the back by doing my job by telling you the truth.

    "As a matter of fact, I got tweets. Last week, when I said the San Francisco 49ers had the worst offense in the NFL, but they were able to move the ball, that's the truth! They were ranked 32nd, OK? Just because I won a Super Bowl with the 49ers, that doesn't mean I'm not going to tell you the truth.

    "I played for the Falcons. If Matt Ryan is getting his butt kicked, that means the offensive line ain't blocking. I've got to tell you the truth. If I think their cornerbacks are vulnerable this week against the Packers, I don't give a darn if I played five luxurious years in Atlanta. It's the truth

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    I agree with Deion this time... The truth hurt at times.
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    here is what I do NOT get. We lost the Lions game. That is fact. It is ALSO fact that 10 out of 12 ESPN experts picked us to LOSE before the game. The Fox pre-game show? They ALL picked us to lose! So we did what they PREDICTED we would do. So how does Romo become the biggest choker in the NFL when they ALL picked us to lose? How did we become Super Bowl worthy when they ALL picked us to lose?
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    Also the criticism for Romo is always "I don't care about the regular season. We know he's good in the regular season. I want to see him win in the post season. Regular season is meaningless".

    They then collectively lose their shizz and froth at the mouth when Romo loses a game in the regular season.
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    I don't agree with Deion on this one. I'll take just about every QB in the league--past and present--over his in this regard.
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    too many self-important nimrods blabbering about sports
    I can parely watch the NFL on TV with all those morons spewing chunks!

    Sanders is bad but he's better than some

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    Indeed especially after that BS he said about Vick's turnovers. It is easy to look the fool when you have unfair opinions because examples will always come to fruition that will make you justify those foolish conventions.

    Marshall and Deion make it a routine playing the fool.
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    Huh? :huh:
  9. adbutcher

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    I think he is saying that they picked us to lose yet after the loss the vitriol remained the same.

    Romo and the Cowboys are damn if they do or don't.

    The only thing to shut them up temporarily is to win it all because the regular season ain't important. Who cares that you cannot win it all unless you win enough in the regular season.
  10. casmith07

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    If the Cowboys are fortunate enough to win the Super Bowl, any number of opinions will immediately follow:

    - they weren't the best team this year
    - they didn't play the best opponent
    - they aren't the favorite going into the next year


    - they're the overwhelming favorite (setting us up to be destroyed in the media the first preseason game we lose the next year)


    - are the Cowboys still America's Team?
  11. BraveHeartFan

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    Deion still has people listening to him when he opens his mouth?

    I can't imagine why. He's the last guy I'd listen to when he was playing and even further down that list now that he's not.
  12. mmillman

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    Tony too consistently makes crucial mistakes. Mental mistakes, not physical. These are mistakes he shouldn't be making at this stage in his career.

    What makes it worse is that the team and coaches have to have some doubts planted in their minds.
  13. BlueStar3398

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    Deion lost all credibility with me when he went on NFLN last night and said Vick's FOUR INTs and fumble were different. I knew he was going to do that! :laugh2:
  14. tyke1doe

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    With all due respect, that's a non sequitur. One does not follow the other. Just because they picked the Cowboys to lose doesn't mean that they can't criticize Romo for giving away the game with two pick sixes with your team up by 24 with 25 minutes left.

    They're analysis. Even if the Cowboys lose, as they predicted, they still have to examine the game to determine why they loss and assign blame to the players/coaches they believe contributed to that loss.
  15. adbutcher

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    You obviously don't watch a lot of football.

    Indeed, yet people suppose to ignore when he is being hypocritical.

    When it comes to the Cowboys and Romo, it really doesn't matter one way or the other. The target is forever changing, smash one criticism and the mediots moves on to another while ignoring other QBs and teams that are doing the same thing that Romo and boys were originally criticized for.

    Classic example of Vick's interceptions being different. :confused: You can never satisfy foolishness because a fool doesn't have the responsibility of ever being accountable to his or her opinions or actions.
  16. bbailey423

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    Being critical of Romo. No problem. Declaring the Cowboys should get rid of Romo, that is just another talkinghead trying to take advantadge of the Dallas spotlight to say something daring. Anyone better in the NFL than Romo is NOT available. And like I have said before...all the Johnny Come Lately (Schaub, Freeman, Flacco, Ryan)...could not handle the responsibilites that this coaching staff and this town place on the QB position. There are maybe 5 that could, and NONE of them are available. And I am not so sure they could do any better when you consider the amount of raw inexperienced players we have on offense INCLUDING the offensive coordintaor.
  17. tyke1doe

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    But his interceptions didn't come nursing a 24-point lead. Can't you see the difference?
    Yes, Vick contributed to the loss to the Bills. But, as I've said before, interceptions aren't equal. Throwing a Hail Mary interception is different than throwing one when your nursing a lead vs. throwing one early in the game.

    And, yes, they are held accountable for their opinions. It's called ratings. If you don't like them or what they say, don't watch. That will basically dry up their ratings, and they will be forced to make a change.
  18. tyke1doe

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    I was only focusing on your statement that picking the Cowboys to lose somehow means they shouldn't criticize Romo. I just didn't follow how one is supposed to negate the other.

    But that has been cleared up so it's all good.
  19. Doomsday

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    It is always one extreme or the other with everything these days. He is either a hero or a choker from week to week. The truth is, he is a good QB, but he is not a great QB. Great QBs find ways to win games when they are playing poorly not lose games when they are playing well. Romo is 20-23 in points decided by 7 points or less. Not every one is going to be a HOF quarterback but that doesnt mean this team cant win with him.
  20. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man stop providing critical reasoning/analysis on the board, some people might get a headache. :laugh2:

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