Do Cowboys Have Use For Dexter McCluster?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Do Cowboys Have Use For Dexter McCluster?

    Can someone fix the title, suppose to be

    We hear it all the time when discussing Ole Miss athlete Dexter McCluster.

    “He’s too slow.”

    “He’s too small.”

    “The Cowboys already have three running backs.”

    The first two complaints are legitimate concerns which NFL teams will have to factor into their grade for McCluster (although he proved his speed at his Pro Day and football is quickly becoming a ’small man’s game’).

    Raiders returner Gary Russell's got a belly only a mother could love.
    However, the last criticism (and that which we hear most often from fans) is unjustified. Yes, McCluster can play running back and Dallas is loaded at the position.

    Contrary to popular opinion, we don’t think the Cowboys should trade or release any of their backs. So how would there possibly be room for McCluster? Because any return man as potentially devastating to the opposition as McCluster can and should make the roster regardless of their position.

    Would you like your return man to play a position where he can have a huge impact? Sure. Last time we checked, though, there aren’t too many left tackles returning kickoffs (now wait…does Raiders returner Gary Russell count?).

    Further, McCluster can have a huge impact at positions other than running back. Remember, he is a tremendous slot receiver with the potential to take the ball to the house every time he touches it. The NFL is evolving in such a way that these smaller, quicker players are becoming in vogue. McCluster is nearly the same weight of DeSean Jackson when he was drafted.

    In a way, McCluster’s offensive prowess is a bonus for the Cowboys. The team was so unsatisfied with Patrick Crayton’s return ability last year that they signed return specialist Allen Rossum at one point. Rossum of course got injured on his first touch, but the point is that any player who figures to contribute on offense or defense will instantly be providing more than Dallas had planned for Rossum.

    Who would you rather have on your team: an aging return specialist or a dynamic athlete will sensational return ability who can play the slot, run specialty plays (Wildcat, end-arounds), and even handle a few carries a game?

    We agree.
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    Hey Joe..this is actually from my site and not biggie though. What do you think of McCluster?
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    Didn't someone dispell the myth that he was a "dynamic" returner?
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    funny, I just posed this question to the board the other day
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    yeah sorry, i asked a moderator to change the title

    ii am really hoping we can get him in the 2nd round, and then dorin dickerson in 3rd, jason fox in 4th since he is falling

    and if we can get a iupati or big og, we are set, then draft best players availabe

    really like mccluster

    he can return kickoffs and punts for us, play in the slot some at wr, along with dickerson, mccluster also can play on 3rd down in wildcat with choice

    really burn teams with that kind of speed on offense and a couple of big mauling OTs and OGs

    finally hopefully find a safety to replace ken hamlin, he is really turning me off wiht him partying up to OTAs, that shows he wasnt in shape and devoted to being in shape and ready, in otherwords he has no fear of losing his job or getting cut, but he should.
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    oh by the way Jongb, I meant to ask you
    sometimes on your website you post charts, how do you post the charts on cowboyszone?

    I can post pictures, but havent figured out how to post charts, thought would look alot better when you have the charts and to be able to post them
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    When I copy and paste directly from my site I generally have no problems getting the charts to show up on here. I'm not sure why they won't show up for you.

    Next time you post an article with a chart let me know if you have issues and I will try to post it myself and see how that works.
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    He has had virtually no success as a punt or kick returner...somebody tried to say it was "because he's too important" but Houston Nutt has a track record of playing his best guys on special teams, and McFadden/Felix both returned kicks extensively for him at Arkansas.

    Doesnt mean he definitely cant be good at it in the NFL, but his numbers were mediocre as a return guy at Miss. Almost all his best plays came from the RB position, he's a project everywhere else.
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    Good points and they are received well. Still, I think McCluster just passes the eyeball test of for someone who can easily (relatively speaking) convert to a different position. He displayed exceptional route-running ability and hands at the Senior Bowl. While he may be considered a "project" at WR, I liken the transition to Ware being a "project" at OLB (in terms of ease with which he will convert).

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