Do People With Multiple "Favorite Teams" in the Same Sport Bother You?

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Christiann, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Christiann

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    I have a friend of mine that recently told me that he was a 49ers fan as well as a Eagles fan, to say the least I was very baffled by the comment and got me thinking how everyone else feels about this.

    For me, the teams I've grown allegiance to have been in the Family since before I was born and those teams are forever the only ones I will ever root for.

    So my question is this, do people with "multiple favorite teams" In one specific sport bother you?. For me the answer is yes.
  2. RastaRocket

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    Do they bother me? No.

    Will I take anything they say about sports seriously? No.
  3. Ntegrase96

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    Yes, but a very specific category of people from that group irritate me most.

    I have a friend who goes to plenty of games here and is very supportive of the DFW area teams (Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars)... owns all the necessary gear, drinks beer and roots for them with the best of us.

    But when his 'hometown', Detroit, is the opposition, all that 'fandom' is trumped. Seriously, in every sport... Lions, Pistons, Tigers, and Red Wings trump the Dallas area teams.

    This would be fine if it weren't for the fact that this guy was only born in Detroit and moved here before he became a toddler and only visits extended family there once every other year or so.

    Now if he stuck with those teams throughout the years then fine, I have no issue with him even claiming them as a 'home team'. But it just seems so shallow, empty, and self serving to jump ship.
  4. Christiann

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    Funny that you say that, because I have a friend that happens to be a Florida Panthers fan. He talks a lot of crap about California Hockey and so obviously I will bring up the Kings success and how bad the Panthers are. He will then run under the Detroit Red Wings "safety blanket" because he was born there.
  5. Questfor6

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    I've got friends who ride bandwagons so bad on NFL teams you'd think they renewed there Sports Illustrated every year after the Super Bowl. Most of my buddies are ride or die Cowboys fans like me dating back to the early 90's, they cheer more for specific players on teams rather than have a second favorite. I'm the same way bc I love Dallas and never sway but I love to watch guys like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Ray Rice, and AJ Green play.
  6. viman96

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    Depends on how the person views them self as a fan. If they admit they are a casual fan of whatever sport it is then no issue at all. If they say they are a diehard fan then yes.
  7. rkell87

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    This is probably the best answer, if people know they are sports center fans and represent themselves that way that is one thing, I can have a casual conversation about whatever team they identify with because we probably have similar information about that team but if they are sportscenter fans that say they love such and such team but also love this other team and act like they know everything and are die hards about both it gets a bit ridiculous
  8. Manwiththeplan

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    yes, supremely.
  9. MC KAos

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    like someone said earlier, it doesnt bother me, but i cant take them seriously. Although, i gotta say, its more like favorite team in a league, rather than a sport, specially if you are a soccer fan. i have a favorite La Liga team and a favorite EPL team. etc.
  10. WV Cowboy

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    No, .. I ignore them.
  11. Future

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    That's it in a nutshell
  12. Aikbach

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    I don't actively root for the Texans but i wish them well against every team but Dallas, and I root for everyone against New England, Pittsburgh, NY, Phil...i am also in the awkward situation of being an RG3 fan where love to see him excel against everyone but Dallas but wish his teammates misery.

    In college i root for the whole Big 12 come bowl season and in out of conference games, Baylor obviously being my greatest allegiance.

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