Do we still target Donald? Or do we go S in round one?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TrailBlazer, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. TwentyOne

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    Melton has essentially a one year deal. Even if he plays lights out the following three years are expensive. But it could be that his knee forces him to take plays off who knows.
    Donald is a great player so why not take him ? He is not such a big need anymore but would be a great addition to a DL that lives from rotating guys. In 2015 if Donald pans out we could have the option to cut ties with Melton. Would be smart business.

    But a 3-Tech is now no first priority to me anymore.

    I'd love to pick us: RT/G > DL > Safety > WR > LB.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Without a doubt, you still draft Donald if he is there and he is the best player on your board.

    The Melton contract is a 1, possibly 2 year deal. You need more then just one quick, disruptive DT in Marinelli's scheme. Absolutely you take him if he's the best player on the board at your pick. The value of the Melton signing is that it allows you flexibility if he's already gone or if another player, ranked higher on your board, is there at our pick. Or, knowing Jerry, if he somehow figures out a way to trade up for Johnny Football (which I hope he is smart enough not to do).
  3. supercowboy8

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    If your going bpa why pass. Claiborne had done nothing to think long term and carr might be gone after this year.
  4. texbumthelife

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    Call it what you want. No matter how you slice it, we are talking about the ability to not be blocked by offensive linemen. Call it slipping. Call it shedding. Call it avoiding. 43 linebackers still need the ability to do it, no matter how slippery they are. Shazier has shown me nothing to make me believe he is anything more than an athletic specimen. I question his instincts and ability to be any better than Carter due his reliance on athleticism.
  5. Alexander

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    First of all, Gilbert is a top ten player. Easily. If he drops to our spot, then I have him on a street corner in a short skirt. This is a CB crazed league and I am certain he would fetch a nice haul. You know, like we gave up for Claiborne.
  6. AbeBeta

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    People misunderstand BPA . You might see very little separation in ratings of several players. That one is listed as say your #12 and another your #14 doesn't mean much if they have similar ratings from your scouts. 12 might be a smidge higher in the ratings but unless it is a substantial difference you have to see those guys as about the same. At that point you ask who is likely to improve the team the most. So it is never just best player. It is a combination of player and fit.
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  7. AmishCowboy

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    I think now unless it's Martin, I think we trade down if we can find a partner
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  8. pacboyX

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    Maybe if we can for once, grab a safety that can cover we wont see our CBs getting burned. How can our CBs play aggressive when we have C+ safeties if that. Wilcox will be better than Church, maybe even this year. We need a coverage guy that can tackle, not safety that tackles great but cant cover a TE for ishh.
  9. morasp

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    Whoever gets Donald, it will be interesting to see how he does in the pros. I remember when they were trying to replace Haley and Shante Carver had lots of sacks in college but when he got here didn't do much at all. Rod seems to be pretty good at knowing what he wants on the d line but I wonder how good he is at evaluating individual players. Last year he just took a shotgun approach until someone stuck. It will probably depend on how good the evaluation is by our scouting dept.
  10. ferrispata

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    I would take Martin or Mosely also at 16. On a trade down, I would love Dee Ford or Ealy also.
  11. supercowboy8

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    Ok but I said if he is there I would take him. You wouldn't? You just said he is top 10.
  12. Manwiththeplan

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    I think he can. He's obviously raw, having only played OLB for 2 years, but I think he can make an impact on day 1 as part time player, similar to Aldon Smith in 2011. Give him some time to learn how to play DE and I think he could be great.

    But I won't be holding my breath waiting for him to fall to us.
  13. Nomad

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    Still go DL, but you obviously have more flexibility. I would do best defensive player .

    And I would take OL in the later rounds.
  14. Next Years Champ

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    This now is not a need this season.

    Not as far as having to go DL as a #1 pick.

    That really opens up to exploring trades and maneuvers to pursue the best trading partners.

    Somebody is going to drop to us at 16 some team will covet..

    I hope.
  15. Bwareinrings94

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    Highest ranked trenches player. Martin, Donald, Jernigan. Grab him and throw him into the mix. Lather rinse repeat for round 2. As for safety, why on earth? We have to find out what we have in the two we played at free safety last year. Since we had no pass rush, how do we know how good they are? Seattle, SF, GB, Denver, NE, Cinc, Carolina, KC aren't any better than we are at safety and they do fine. However, they are mostly light years ahead of us on defensive and/or offensive line.
  16. Manwiththeplan

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    No, best player available is simply the best player available with out need in mind. If what you're trying to say is no one goes BPA to the letter, then I would agree, but for everyone that clamors going best player available regardless of need, shouldn't get mad if we draft a CB who is the best player available.
  17. VThokie7

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    Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas say hello. Pretty certain the best safety tandem in the league is worlds better than our crew.
  18. thunderpimp91

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    I've never been the greatest at projecting college players, but to me it comes down to Donald, Ealy, or Clinton-Dix. If all three are gone by #16 then I would attempt to trade down. If for some odd reason all three are available I wouldn't not take Donald just because of the Melton signing. Both Donald and Melton are flexible enough that you could line them up all over the D line. You also could play some 5 man fronts with both of them lined up over the guards. You still have to find a pass rushing DE later on in the draft but if you did Donald in the 1st could make this Dline not only improved over last season but possibly a strength. Ealy would probably be my second pick as he gives you a much needed outside rush threat. I do worry that he will be weak against the run and not an every down player early on in his career.
  19. TwoDeep3

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    With the Bears losing both Peppers and Melton, it would be surprising if Donald fell past Chicago.
  20. thunderpimp91

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    I would agree, but you never know come draft day. Chicago needs DB help as well so their is a chance.

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