Dobbs: Lapel flag pin controversy

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by burmafrd, Oct 10, 2007.

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    I think the whole flag pin issue is nothing more than political rhetoric on both sides.

    By that I mean by Obama and the others making a big deal out of it.

    I have no problem if he would have just taken the pin off and left it at that. But to make a POINT about it in a PC is silly. However just as silly is those that make a big deal about it.

    If you want to be an American that shows real patriotism and/or support the troops. How about giving blood for the troops. How about getting some care packages together to send to troops. How about serving, at some point in your life, in the military. How about questioning government.

    Sticking a flag pin on your lapel or putting a yellow ribbon on your car is not a true sign of patriotism by itself.

    So I think this whole subject of Obama and the lapel pin is nothing more than political rhetoric leading up to an election by both sides.

    But hey that is just I have served, given blood, sent care packages, helped save soldiers lives and questioned the government. I do not need to wear a lapel pin or stick a yellow ribbon on my car to make me feel better or prove to others my patriotism.
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    Good points and a better, more relevant way to really show you care.

    I couldn't care less what Obama wears, but it's only going to get worse from here on out. The closer into the race, the sillier the complaints will be.
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    I agree that this is yet another issue blown out of proportion by both sides. Who cares?
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    How about not being AFRAID to proclaim yourself American. Too many just do not have the guts in this PC age.
    So, Obama, does that mean if you get elected President you will not acknowledge the American Flag? Of course not- he will run and hide and put on the flag again. As long as he thinks he can score political points.
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    Does wearing a pin on your lapel make you more of an American? I would not think less or more of you if you did or did not wear one.

    Wearing a flag on his lapel does not change my opinion of Bush? Wearing or not wearing one has no bearing on what I think of Obama. I doubt it would change people's opinions of Bill Clinton if he wore 30 of them on his clothes.

    Did he call a press conference to declare he was not going to wear one or did he call a press conference because everyone was asking about it?

    It is such a non-issue. I actually think it is a stupid issue. It has nothing to do with anything, but the media would rather waste energy on it than actually report meaningful stories.
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    how about not being afraid to hold that in your heart and show it in your actions rather than needing to make some hollow gesture?

    of course, you are looking for any reason to bash Obama so we all know where you are coming from.

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