Does KC's win over Philly validate our loss more?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Fredd, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. nake

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    To "validate" a loss, one needs only to check the score and see if it still says you lost. Maybe OP meant does it "explain" or "illustrate" why we lost.

    In any case, I don't think so. I watched the game twice, and IMO we lost because we had to settle for field goals, couldn't covert 3rd downs (3-11), couldn't run the ball, couldn't stop the run in the 4th quarter, and were -2 in turnovers. A little improvement in one or two of those areas and we win the game.
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    a loss should never be validated.

    we lost because we played bad. had plenty of opportunities to win the game and made mental and scheme mistakes that are inexcusable. we didn't get beat. we beat ourselves.

    what if philly ends up as a 4-12 team? and kc as an 8-8 team? who knows.
  3. Boyzmamacita

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    I disagree. KC did some fine things on both offense and defense, but the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot over and over again. The Cowboys should've won that game. It's a recurring theme that I'm tired of, but like others have said, let's move on.
  4. InmanRoshi

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    The Chiefs schedule is a cakewalk playing in the AFC West, a last places schedule and the AFC South & NFC East.

    They still have Oakland (2X), Chargers (2X), Browns, Redskins and Bills on the schedule. They have the Colts, Giants and Texans at Arrowhead. They have the Titans on the road, which is winnable. Their only really difficult road game is in Denver.

    They're winning closer to 12 games this year than 8.
  5. dexternjack

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    Every game is independent of each other and there is no correct way to gauge us from common opponents. The ball bounces different for each team and in each game.

    We lost because the offense did not do their part, missed opportunities and poor adjusting. If Philly blew them out, I would have been more concerned with facing them twice, not even thinking about last weeks loss.
  6. Everlastingxxx

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    Sounds like you have a case of Zoner defeater-idis. You are so used to losing that you now have to be validated by other teams losing.
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  7. CyberB0b

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    What is it with all the moral victory posts on this board?
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  8. slomoxn

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    Not just no, but hell no! Dallas had problems in the KC game that they had in the Giants game, the offense was inept and the defense helped them hang around so I don't know how having an offense that is having problems justifies them losing to the Chiefs. This problem will still exist facing other teams, if anything it makes me po'd because they should have won the game against KC, seeing how most divisional games are usually on a different level of play I take nothing from NFCE teams playing outside of their division in comparison to them playing eachother.
  9. Redball Express

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    But what it does say is that a quality coach with a 2-14 team can out coach a Philly rookie coach and another one that has been at his job like Garett for over. 3 years and he got beaten too.

  10. KJJ

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    Philly was a 4-12 team last season that was just coming off a loss to a Chargers team that blew a 21 point lead at home on opening day. Philly looked good on opening day and has gotten worse each week. The only team they've beaten has looked like crap and is currently 0-2. Once Vick gets injured to where he's out Philly will be lucky if they finish with 8 wins. The Cowboys lost to the Chiefs for the same reason they've lost most of their games the past 3 seasons they're an inconsistent mediocre team that isn't well coached. KC has clearly improved they have a good HC but the 3 teams they've beaten so far combined for only 14 wins last season. They don't play a playoff team from last season until week 7. We'll find out where they are when their schedule toughens up in Nov.
  11. Plankton

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    A loss is just that - a loss.

    It doesn't need any validation. It is what it is. The Cowboys didn't make enough plays to win, and couldn't come up with a critical stop late in the game.
  12. NickZepp

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    KC is a excellent defense and manages the offense well. It wasn't a bad loss/ Anyone that thought that after the game is just an idiot. The offense for KC is probably average to above average mostly because they have a solid game manager at QB that doesn't turn the ball over and a big play RB. They'll be contenders in the AFC. Could make the AFC Championship if things fall the right way. Don't think they are a SB team. Winning in KC will be tough. But we shoulda won that game. It's a tough loss, not really one I was counting on at the start of the year but we were probably the better team overall.
  13. rayyyy5x

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    i think this thread is more about our offense vs validating the loss...

    i remember a thread days ago comparing our offense to our division opponents.. the giants slinging the ball around and the eagles putting up points.
    when looking into KC's defense vs the "high powered" eagles offense (which SOME predicted would now win the nfc) and how we did vs the same measuring tool (chief's D) , im guessing some are wondering what that says about our offense since we've been down on that recently. maybe and hopefully its still a small sample size... that we've been throwing short too much or hopefully thats just one of the many ways our new and improved offenses can win a game vs versatile defenses (which i hope)
  14. KJJ

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    So if the Cowboys lose to the Rams on Sunday are we suppose to feel better about it because they're an improved team? Some of the things I'm reading are pretty silly.
  15. DFWJC

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    KC was favored to beat Dallas by 3, and won by 1 at home.
    They were supposed to win and they did.

    I do think Dallas let one slip away, but that can be saiby most teams that lose on Sunday.
  16. DandyDon1722

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    Man Sarge as one of the all timers in here you have really soured on the team. I get it, I understand and I don't have anything that could change your opinion other than it's a new season and teams evolve throughout the year. We may evolve to be worse, the same or better. I tend to think with a healthy defense and an improved offensive line we will be better and being better than last year will probably get us into the playoffs.

    But that's just me and how I like to look at it.
  17. KJJ

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    The fact a 2-14 team who had the #1 overall pick the previous season was favored by 3 points over the Cowboys tells you what kind of rut the Cowboys are in. Some FANS are trying to build KC up as some juggernaut to help them feel better about the loss.
  18. Gemini Dolly

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    No, because if we cant handle our business, then any other team's business means nothing.
  19. DFWJC

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    I agree they are no juggernaut. But last year's team was 2-14. This team is nothing like that team, and you know it.
    But no, they are not a powerhouse....maybe a playoff team though.
  20. KJJ

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    The Chiefs are clearly better than last season but they still have a long way to go to gage how good they are. They've beaten 3 teams that combined for only 14 wins last season and neither JAX, Philly or the Cowboys look anything more than mediocre so far this season.

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