Does Miles Austin stay or does he go?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Galian Beast

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    I've been thinking about things with Miles Austin.

    Generally speaking, I think it makes perfect sense to designate him as a June 1st cut.

    But with that being said, if the front office can convince Austin to take a pay cut, that might be worth more to the team than cutting him and replacing him with another receiver (not evenly necessarily a 2nd receiver, but even a 5th receiver behind is going to cost us money).

    Ultimately, I think it would come down to how much of a pay cut he was willing to take, though I think many will argue that even if he is willing to take the veteran minimum that given his continued signing bonus money, and the fact that he could be a progress stopper would suggest that the time has simply come to move on from him and that the combination of Williams and Beasley being allowed to properly develop will take our offense to another level.

    With that being said, I could even see a scenario where we cut him and bring him back for something around the veteran minimum.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    It is not a popular opinion but he stays. Much like Free did last year Austin will have to make some concessions but he at least makes it to training camp.
  3. bkight13

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    I love Austin, but its time to go. He has already been replaced by TWill outside and Beasley and Harris inside. Designate him a June 1st cut all the way. You don't want to risk him getting hurt in OTAs and then they are stuck with him and get no salary cap relief.
  4. Galian Beast

    Galian Beast Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, I think it would probably be prudent to cut him in March (designate him a june 1st cut), let him test out the market, and if things don't go well for him in free agency, perhaps we would be able to resign him for something more appropriate given his production as of late. Give him maybe a 2 year or 3 year deal, the first year being the minimum salary, the second being a moderate salary, and the third being something more along the lines of what he would be looking for). Little to no signing bonus money though, giving us the freedom to release him if we wanted or better yet trade him.

    I'm not certain the market is going to be all that friendly to Austin. Quite a few free agent receivers in 2014, and if you look at the Plaxico Burress signing, I don't think the market is there for Austin.
  5. kevm3

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    gotta let him go. he keeps coming up injured and is taking snaps someone like harris or williiams can be getting.
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  6. morasp

    morasp Well-Known Member

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    Maybe it's just my perception but his heart didn't really seem to be in it. Even if he was healthy I question if he would give the extra effort. We should draft another young guy in the mid to later rounds to compete. In fact I think they should use at least one pick every year on a WR. Especially if one they had rated high slips to the later rounds.
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  7. rwalters31

    rwalters31 Well-Known Member

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    Bite your tongue!!

    His time is as short as day light this time of the year.
  8. Fredd

    Fredd Well-Known Member

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    always liked miles, just not his ability to stay on the field...if there was ANY way that they could be satisfied that he could be healthy, then you want him on the team....that being said, he has shown zero ability to stay healthy....I just hope that the FO loses the magic 8-ball and makes a football/team decision to cut him....if he works out for someone else, good for him...
  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Is this really a serious question? Of course he has to go. It is almost a must given the cap situation and that little thing about him being completely ineffective and unproductive on the field.
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  10. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    He's done.
  11. brickman

    brickman Well-Known Member

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    Too expensive for the production. Time to walk, Miles (just don't pull a hammy doing it).
  12. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

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    I suspect Dallas would like to keep him on the roster.

    Redo his deal to an incentive one that's affordable.
  13. dfense

    dfense Well-Known Member

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  14. theSHOW

    theSHOW Benched

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    Can we trade him to the Mihammy Dolphins?
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  15. Zimmy Lives

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    He stays with a pay cut. I think he's smart enough to know that he did not meet his contractual obligation. The Cowboys are also smart enough (I think ) to know that they need a veteran WR presence on the bench if Dez goes down.
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  16. casmith07

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    I think with Ware restructuring, to get under the cap, Miles Austin is released. He has been passed on the depth chart and on Romo's list of progressions/reads by Terrence Williams and Cole Beasley.

    It's kind of Dez, Witten, Murray, Williams, Beasley, then Austin as far as progressions/targets go, it seems. You don't keep a player like that. We need his cap figure to make some noise along the front 7 this off-season.
  17. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    He's a progress stopper at this point. Let Williams flourish in the #2 role and give Beasley and Harris as many reps as possible in the slot. We do need a legitimate backup to the starters though when we cut Austin. Someone with the size to play outside.
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  18. DBOY3141

    DBOY3141 Well-Known Member

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    Time to move on. Hurt too much to be counted on.
  19. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    Austin has been gone
  20. Picksix

    Picksix A Work in Progress

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    It seems like Miles has become a forgotten man on offense. He gets very few targets as it is. He does some good things, but even with a pay cut, I think we could do better elsewhere.

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