Dolphins fire offensive line coach and trainer

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    MIAMI (AP) — Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner and longtime head athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill have been fired for their roles in the team's bullying scandal.

    The firings Wednesday were the first punitive steps taken by the Dolphins since a report on the NFL's investigation into the scandal was released last week.

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    Oh look, accountability......I like it!
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    Does anyone find this whole thing ridiculous? I was watching ESPN and I laughed when the ticker scrolled the sentence, "Coach Phillbin was unaware that there was bullying on the team." Seriously? Bullying? I bet Incognito, Pouncey and Jerry are d-bags. I'd bet most NFL players are. They're uneducated, testosterone-driven, meat-head, womanizer, borderline-criminal, athletes. But I don't want football to assess the guys' characters. I just find it ridiculous that Jonathan Martin, a 300-pound NFL player, cried to his mom about being bullied and now it's ruined an entire team and made front page news the past few months. This is beyond silly.
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    Should we take a look.
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    Folks here is the reason why people don't come forward about bullying. This is the kind of attitude that causes people to commit suicide over bullying. Good job!
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