Dolphins shopping DE Dion Jordan

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by kevinhickey, Feb 28, 2014.

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    If true, I can see the Eagles inquiring about him. Obviously Kelly was his college coach but I always viewed Jordan as a 3-4 OLB thus a perfect fit for them. Had the Boys stayed 3-4 I would definitely have wanted this player last draft. However, not really sure he can play DE in Dallas' defense.
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    :DYou kidding, right?
  3. AmishCowboy

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    Agree, he's a 3-4 OLB
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    How does all this stuff happen in Miami when they had and still have a GM? I heard it here that if we had a real GM none of these problems would happen.

    Then again, I can't laugh too much at another team's problems with Claiborne still on the Cowboy roster. Claiborne was as bad a pick as Dion Jordan. Bad picks happen to even the best of GMs. Miami is an absolute disaster right now. That team is getting ripped apart by a hurricane. I doubt they sell out 1 home game this year. Best thing for Miami to do is sign Tebow. Only Tebow can put people in the seats right now even if he sits the bench.

    Only two players picked in the top ten last year worthy of even being picked in the 1st round are Warmack and Cooper. Right now, the Chiefs OT Eric Fisher has the potential to be the biggest bust ever for a top pick. Right now, he's down there with Jamarcus Russell, Tim Couch, Steve Emtman and Kijana Carter.
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    Put me in coach.
  6. kevinhickey

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    No, not at all. What has Claibourne done. He can't stay healthy. This draft is suppose to be strong at the CB position.
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    So wouldn't it make sense to.....I don't know ADD to the secondary since its "strong at the CB position" as opposed to getting rid of a CB? How does that make any sense?
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    a team in fire sale mode sells everybody but their young draft picks.
    this is a guy entering his second season.
    that tells me they don't like something, be it his actual play or how he handled things off the field or even how he has handled the off-season thus far.
    (he is a west coast guy and could be spending the off-season back in Cali instead of out on the West Coast.)
  9. jterrell

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    trading claiborne would be monumentally stupid.
    you want to trade resources when they are at their highest value not when they are at the bottom of their value.
    claiborne needs to get stronger and the scheme needs to account for what he does well and what he sucks at.
    but he can clearly cover guys. that is a valuable skill.

    it is hilarious to talk about mo claiborne doing nothing then talk about trading him for a guy who has 2 career sacks.
    claiborne was drafted to cover guys man o man, and slants aside he has done that very well.
    he has issues to overcome but so do most young guys.
    jordan was drafted as an elite pass rusher and he has yet to prove he can rush the passer even a little bit.
  10. casmith07

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    When someone is shopping their #3 overall selection a year later, you steer clear.
  11. Marktui

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    We would stil have to pickup another db, most teams base offense is three wr's now. Scandrick is the best slot corner we have.
  12. NeonDeion21

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    I disagree that he is a 3-4 OLB. I think he was born to be a 4-3 SAM. Go watch him cover Gronkowski earlier in the year. It was somethig else.
  13. Nexx

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    agreed 100%, granted mo was hurt quite a bit but when he was on the field our pass defense was much much better.
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    Welcome to the zone.
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    Thanks, possibly some insight as to what is up.

    The way this thread grew we blew threw 3 red lights to be first in line to sign this guy without doing any homework on what his deal is and what Miami's deal is on wanting to possibly trade the player. The first 3 pages of this thread were an example of the fan base having attended the Jerry Jones GM school of management and player evaluation.

    I'm a passenger looking for the brake pedal on my side of the car right now.
  16. cowboys1981

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    For a 5th rounder I would make the call.
  17. Common Sense

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    Correlation does not equal causation, and I'm not really even sure you can say it was that much better.
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    hes older than ware...
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    In general, trading the 6th pick in the draft with 2 years remaining on his contract for the 3rd pick in the draft with 3 years remaining on his contract would not be stupid.

    I don't know enough about the specifics of Jordon's year in Miami or his fit in Marinelli's defense to access the specifics of the his value compared to Claiborne, but on paper it is not a stupid idea.
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  20. Section444

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    2,066 Likes Received's Calvin Watkins suggests the Cowboys could consider trading Morris Claiborne.

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