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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Apr 27, 2011.

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    9 OT Tyron Smith USC Jr. 6-5 280
    Sources say the Cowboys would love to trade down and still get an offensive tackle somewhere in the middle of the first round. Barring that, they'll take Smith because right tackle Marc Colombo is not returning to Dallas this season. Boston College tackle Anthony Castonzo is seen as more NFL-ready from day one, but his ceiling isn't as high as Smith's. It's more like Jerry Jones to take the gamble on the player with the greater upside than to play it safe and down the middle. Dallas has a higher grade on Smith this year than it did on OT Russell Okung last year.

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    The two most interesting points. He says Columbo is out. They have a higher grade on Smith than they had on Okung last year.
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    If they think he can play from game 1(with some growing pains)then they should draft him because of his potential.
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    whoa higher grade than russel okung....idk must be on potiental but drafting for potiential can hurt you alot. But I guess a risk taker like jerry would do it.

    Anybody know how many sacks and penalties Tyron Smith gave up the last 2 or 3 years he was the starter?
    and then how many did Anthony C. give up his 4 years?
    Im just trying to compare guys here see how the production match up. I'll take elite potiental as long as he had good college production and also good work ethic. Without good work ethic he will never come close to his potiential (example Alex Barron).
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    I think your right but thats if Dallas stays at 9. If they can't trade and are at 9 I think Smith is the pick. I think there first option will be to trade and if Jerry the wheeler and dealer trades back then it goes.
    1. Smith
    2. Castanzo
    3. Watt
    which ever is there where we traded back.
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    I find this very interesting and is an angle I hadn't thought of before.

    We all know Jerry is a gambler and up until this point I figured the gambler in him would be more apt to trade down from #9 and risk still having an OT to choose from.

    I never looked at it from the angle that staying put and taking the player with the bigger upside could also be seen as a gamble. I know all the picks are technically gambles, but still it is an interesting perspective.
  6. ZeroClub

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    Columbo gone, huh?

    That'd be a pretty bold step, if you are counting on a rookie starting at RT, especially if that rookie RT isn't seen as particularly NFL-ready from day one....

    That's more risky than I'd prefer.

    ... and I sure wish we had seen at least a little of Sam Young last year once the season was in the tank and it was clear that Columbo wasn't playing at his best..
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    Not that this isn't a good endorsement of Smith, but IIRC from the theebs draft board pic last year, we had Okung a lot lower than where he was taken.
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    Yeah, I think you may be right about that. Someone should look that up, because our lineman rankings last year were much different than where guys actually went

    Edit: We had Okung at 4 overall
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    Yep, just dug around and was just about to post that... Apparently we had him at #4 overall. Not sure what I was thinking of.

    Well, then I don't know what to think. So Smith is better than that? Why aren't we talking about trading up for him?

    That almost makes me think this report is BS.

    BTW, I still can't believe we had McCoy higher than Suh! :abuseme:
  10. dbair1967

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    I just dont see any upside in keeping Colombo any longer, even if it were as a veterna backup. he cant play LT or any of the interior OL spots, so he'd be a backup RT only. I'd rather go with Young or a rookie than that.

    He's not going to be the starter here this yr, and with him due a roster bonus he's a sure thing to be released IMO.
  11. AsthmaField

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    Suh is mean to QB's and apparently, defensive guys are downgraded for playing rough with offensive guys. We don't want any mean guys on defense. [/Fairley]
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    .....I'm warming to Fairly being the pick, and trading UP to get him if need be. (with the Browns) You know Ryan loves the potential of this kid...damn he's mean and rugged.:star: :laugh2: :laugh1: :bow:
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    Yeah, if they have him rated better than Okung then there shouldn't really be any debate. He would be the automatic pick at nine if they liked him that much.
  14. ThreeandOut

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    I think Smith has to be rated about #5 overall on the Cowboys board, which I think has to be 3-4 slots higher than the other prospects they're considering (Watt, Jordan, Castonzo). So unless they are able to trade down, pick up an additional 2nd round pick, and still land one of the three other prospects, I feel Smith represents the best value at 9.

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