Don't put this loss on Bledsoe

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dough Boy, Sep 20, 2005.

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    While I'm a Tuna supporter, this loss should be placed squarely on his shoulders. The game was going according to his wonderful script. Play good D and let Bledsoe manage the game. How many times did the deadskins actually blitz? With that, the offensive play calling was, 'offensive'.

    I don't think Tuna wanted to go for the jugular. Bledsoe was only working with the plays given. And make no mistake, Payton is calling the plays, put the play calling had Tuna all over it. For instance, why didn't we take shots with Glen down the feel - in the exact manner Moss beat us. Why didn't we take shots with Price down the field?

    Again, I'm a Tuna supporter, but when you play 'small ball' and you don't put teams away, this kind of stuff happens. Now - the D does have some culpability in this loss, esp. Roy Williams and A. Glenn.

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