Doug Free & The O-Line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by benson, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Watching the game tape over the last several weeks and its increasingly obvious. This line isn't horrible, its not the best but it can hold. We went into the season knowing we were weak at both guards but Smith at LT, Free at RT and Costa at C where supposed to be the leaders and the foundation for Romo's protection.

    Unfortunately, Free has played like utter garbage. Three out of the three cinderblocks the line was built on have crumbled and only two of them are injured. Does Free see this? Do the coaches see this? Something has to be done. Now that Smith is injured the 3 foundations that were supposed to protect Romo are gone?

    Is Romo going to have to sit behind 5 practice squad players and pass 50 times a game because of Free's incompetence?

    If Free does not step up his play the Cowboys have no shot at generating offense. The line is only as strong as the weakest link and at this point with Doug Free in at RT they are playing with 4 offensive lineman.
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    We must get a starting OG and RT this off season. Any other OL would be gravy.
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    This is probably the third or fourth thread on Doug Free since Sunday. Of course, its totally deserved. The guy is just outright terrible, but he is sitting on $8 million in guaranteed money. He isn't even passable at this point. He is regularly getting beat to the outside, beat to the inside, bull rushed, pushed back into Romo like he is on roller skates. I just fear Jerry thinks Free's contract makes him salvageable and will focus elsewhere in the off season. I really hope not. I would keep Bernardeau over Free at this point and Bernardeau isn't very good.
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    It's been all downhill since we broke up Free Reign.

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