Dr. Z disses Switzer

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Kittymama, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Dr. Z. Always there with the breaking news. It was a cheap shot IMO.
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    I'm not going to bash on Switzer. One of my customers played for him at OU and he hates him as does most people. The guy was/is flawed but there is something about him that draws people in.
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    yeah, I agree
  4. Billy Bullocks

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    Id totally agree with you, but if you look at it. Gruden got 2 teams to the Super Bowl that year. His system and players he got in Oakland got them to the Super Bowl. And his coaching in TB got them over the hump.

    Now, he inherited Dungy's team in TB, and as we Cowboys fans have noticed, it takes a while in the NFL to overhaul a roster to where you want it. It's starting to look and play like a Gruden team. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt right now, unless he cant pull it together this year, but they look pretty good.
  5. Danny White

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    I'd say Switzer's three College National Championships indicates he knows something about coaching.

    That loss to San Fran was crushing, but that was a fluke of the game the way it started off. It's hard to blame him outside of that personal foul he got called on him. He put the team in position to win the title that year, and they just didn't take it with that start to that NFC Champ game. Then the next year, they win it.

    After that, yeah, he lost control of the team, and maybe that makes him "weak" but I just don't see how he's some idiot who couldn't coach.

    I'd say Billick is clearly the weakest coach to ever win a Super Bowl. That Marvin Lewis defense carried that team and I don't see how anyone could argue anything differently. Billick is the offensive genius who has had nothing but "offensive" offenses since he left Minny.
  6. jksmith269

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    Funny because Haley said he liked him for the oppsite reason. He said Switzer wouldn't take crap from any player he would pull a player to the side and lay into them and tell them when we go back over there you will have a smile on your face, but all the players knew you'd just got you butt handed to you.

    Don't get me wrong I don't think he was great but I don't think he's the worst coach to ever win a SB either.
  7. Sarge

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    Martz has to win one first - and he won't.
  8. kartr

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    Yeah, this is just more longhorn dribble. Switzer gave us Larry Allen,Dexter Coakley and Randall Godfrey. These players were all around solid players. He also brought in George Teague, one of our best free agent signings and some more players I can't recall their names at the moment, but could easily if I gave some serious thought. Our defense stayed at a championship level throughout his tenure here. It was our offense that went downhill and Aikman and Zampese were in charge of that. Aikman was a sacred cow that Switzer couldn't touch. Aikman could have gotten rid of Zampese just like he got rid of Dave Shula, but he liked him, so Switzer's hands were tied because Aikman had more clout with Jerry. After Zampese was let go and went to the Pats, Bledsoe's numbers went down drastically until finally the Pats let him go too.

    As for being a hill-billy, there are a lot good players and coaches that are hillbillies. PS. Jimmy was a Barry assistant during some OU's championship years. Barry also won a national championship without Jimmy and the one that Jimmy won against Barry, it was a close score and yes Barry was playing in another one without Jimmy's assistance. Mike Shanahan was also an assistant of Barry's at OU too. Funny how this hillbillie that's a lousy head coach won three collegiate titles, one pro title and had assistants that won championships at the pro and collegiate levels. All total Barry was responsible either directly or indirectly for 9 titles at the pro and college levels which is got to be a record.
  9. Nors

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    Switzer has won a Super Bowl and a NCAA title. Thats on a very, very short list!
  10. mr.jameswoods

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    To me there is the position of "head coach" and then there are people who can "coach" or teach. I don't have any problem with someone saying Switzer couldn't "coach" or teach. At OU, he won primarily because he could recruit. Everyone knows that. HeII, everyone in Oklahoma knows that. Of course OU fans and Oklahoma residents lack the courage to admit that in a forum in front of "others" but being a former Oklahoma resident and OU alum, I can tell you that ALL of us knew Barry wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but we knew he was ace recruiter. Plain and simple....that is the truth. I just don't have much patience for bullshyte so I would rather get the truth out of the way than adhere to some Oklahoma patriotism and pretend to think Switzer was genius behind the X's and O's.

    Was Switzer responsible for 3 national championships at OU? Yes he was. Did he "coach" those teams to 3 national championships? It's hard to say.

    No, Switzer is not an idiot. Recruiting is a skill that requires much more intelligence than som slick used car salesman speal. It requires knowing which players to recruit and how to use them. So to suggest that Switzer was an idiot is going too far.

    However, to suggest Brian Billick is dumber than Switzer is ridiculous. If Brian Billick needed a job as an assistant coach, he would have no trouble securing one. When Switzer was fired, there were no attempts to hire him in any capacity with any professional team. So let's quit right there when trying to compare Switzer with Billick. Billick at least proved himself on some level as an assistant coach in the NFL. Switzer was hired to be Jerry Jones' yes man.

    If I'm to give Switzer any real credit for winning a Superbowl, I will give him credit for realizing that he shouldn't fix something that isn't broke. Switzer had enough intelligence to put his own ego aside and let the machine roll on. He could have easily tried to assert himself and put his own spin on the Cowboys which may have ended with us not winning our last Superbowl.

    I think Barry was a great college "HEAD coach" because he deserves credit for putting 3 championships together but that doesn't mean I think he was a great teacher or strategist.
  11. mr.jameswoods

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    How could you say Gruden? He is the very reason the Bucs won the Superbowl. They had Tony Dungy for years and he couldn't take them to the Superbowl. The Bucs were talented but mentally soft under Dungy. Gruden gave them an attitude and much needed toughness not to mention intelligent playcalling particularly in the Superbowl itself to help themselves to a victory. Gruden gave the Bucs that toughness and competitive edge to go beyond the NFC championship game. Both Keyshawn and Warren Sapp admitted as much. Under Dungy, the offese was inconsistent and basically disorganized. Gruden gave their offense some form.

    If I had to nominate anyone aside from Switzer, it would be Dick Vermeil. The guy just got flat out lucky. He was 4-12 in the prior season so you can't pretend that his Superbowl winning team was a part of some master plan. It was pure luck! You think Vermeil planned for his starter to get injured while a former Arena League backup becomes the MVP and leads them to a Superbowl. Kurt Warner and his arena league style and cavalier attitude fit in perfectly with the offensive talent on that team. Vermeil hasn't done anything in KC although the Chiefs are mentioned as a potential Superbolw team each season despite falling far short of that each year.

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