Draft 07--do we need a QB?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CrazyCowboy, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Agree. IF Romo is the man, I think we'll know at the end of this year. IF he is, the beauty of a vet backup and lower round for development is that 2 yrs out you can dump the vet and have an inexpensive backup hopefully ready to play if needed. It wouldn't be all bad if they were good enough to make Romo a little nervous either.

    If Romo is Hoge II, it all sucks and we kill ourselves.
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    AMEN!! It doesn't matter who is in the backfield if he gets treated like the Eagles & Giants treated our QBs those two games. We've got to pick big men who can open up holes for the running game & protect the QB.

    Look at the Eagles. They didn't have that bad of an offensive line before the '06 draft, yet they took two of the best OL in Winston Justice & Max Jean-Gilles. Our OL is one of the worst in the NFL, so we had better get better there, or we are going to need to keep 4 QBs to replace the ones that come out on stretchers....haha.
    I say Levi Brown, OT, Penn St. in the 1st rd. 6-5, 325 lb. mauler who is quick on his feet.
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    Even if Romo plays great, I think we need to draft a QB. Bledsoe will likely retire and we don't know about Romo's durability. That would leave Matt Baker as the backup. However, if Romo plays well, they can now draft a QB in the later rounds instead of having to do it early on. Big difference.

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    Baker will not be the backup next year regardless. Bledsoe will retire and we'll sign a vet as backup. Baker will fight a low round pick or rookie FA for 3rd.

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    That's the great thing about a pendulum. It's not in a state of balance for long. The sky is either falling or the bills can be put off till next month cause were so flush.


    Romo played well and I have some confidence that he will continue to improve. However, those who point out that Bledsoe is gone are correct. Baker is not going to be ready to back anything up next year IMO. Lastly, don't forget that Romo is not signed long term. We don't know what Romo is going to want on his next contract. We have no idea if the club will see fit to pay it. It would be wise to draft a guy and bring in a Vet IMO.
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    we should ALWAYS be grooming a QB.

    JJ's biggest neglect of our team since '94 was not doing such. they can always be traded for picks to poorly run clubs.

    now, if we need to reach for a QB early that needs to be determined, but it's unlikely given what we've seen of Tony this season (preseason, 1/2 gints, yesterday).
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    I think will still draft a QB some where in the next draft. I think it would be a big mistake not having a guy waiting in the wings in the event that something bad happens.
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    If Romo continues to play well, we should trade him for a draft pick. He doesn't have the skills to be successful in the long run.

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