Draft 2012: The Underrated

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 12, 2012.

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    1. Iowa OT Riley Reiff (6-6/300/4.94) - The consensus opinion will soon consider Reiff a top-ten lock, and he earned that recognition with consistent play as a 37-game starter at Iowa. Reiff is an athletic left tackle with solid lateral agility and quick hands to lock or redirect. He bends at the waist occasionally, but flashes solid posture and knee bend when recovering that nullifies the worry. Once Reiff gets into proper positioning in the run or pass game, it's over. He can contain even the most elite defenders. NFL teams will love Reiff's strong first punch and nastiness that most Iowa players bring. Reiff is a serious contender to be selected third overall and won't make it past the Panthers at the back end of the top ten.

    2. Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill (6-4/222/4.65) - The former Aggie wide receiver is a natural quarterback, possessing a strong arm and compact release while handling movement in the pocket very well. Where Tannehill falters at times is his decision making, trusting his receivers to make plays on contested catches -- many of which did not go Tannehill's way in college. Even more necessary than arm talent, a quarterback must be a game manager who makes sound decisions. I am confident this is an area in which Tannehill will develop, and he is already more adept playing under center than most draft-eligible signal callers. While some consider there to be a major drop-off after this year's top two quarterbacks, Tannehill possesses all the qualities of an early-career starter. With the Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins drafting in the top ten, I see little chance that Tannehill makes it into the double-digit picks.

    3. Baylor WR Kendall Wright (5-10/190/4.42) - It would not surprise me at all if Wright were the first wideout picked. While I still don't consider him top-ten worthy, Wright's combination of playmaking ability and versatility is unmatched in this year's draft class. Wright lines up at every receiver position, running each route with ease and creating separation at all parts of the field with quickness and body control. I'd go so far as to call Wright the top playmaker at any skill position.

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    Tanneyhill anywhere before 14 would be perfect. A nice player will drop. I sure hope Jerry is not tempted if he is there at 14 though.
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    ROFL. The most OVER-rated prospect I have seen is Tannehill.

    He had less than 500 collegiate completions.
    His Senior completion percentage fell to just over 60%.
    He tossed 15 picks.

    The Aggies were also woeful in late game situations.

    I agree that Tannehill has an interesting skill set but the thought he is some day 1 starter is asinine. This is a r3 prospect. He isn't a bad player at all but talk of him going top half of round 1? WOW!

    He is this year's Jake Locker.
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    This is a really weak effort by Norris IMHO. Much worse than his over-rated list.

    Weeden? I love the guy as a QB but the rationale is baffling. Says he is ready to play now so age shouldn't matter and he should go late 1. Teams drafting late 1 don't generally need QBs day 1. This guy is a legit top of r2 target. Teams like the Skins who might miss on the top 2 in r1 could see Weeden as a solid get in r2.

    Riley Reiff? The guys is considered top 10 everywhere already. How in the world could he be under-rated?
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    Love Kendricks. Would be a very good pickup for us. We'd be set at ILB between him, Lee and Carter
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    I have to agree, I don't know how Riley Reiff makes that list. If anything, he could be said that he should be on the most "overrated" list...

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