Draft 2014 - Long term vs Quick fix

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Team hasn't been drafting for need. BPA. See Escobar, Gavin.
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    I don't think we're a couple of dlineman away from being contenders. Its a forgone conclusion, we wont be contenders next year.So I would try to stockpile talent right now in hopes of turning things around in 2015. With a new coaching staff and a blue chip qb waiting in the wings.

    This thing is broken and it will take time to fix. Trying to patch holes in hopes of a quick fix will only delay the inevitable.

    But Jerry is to stubborn..
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    And this infusion of talent will provide or expand our foundation that we can build on year after year. The way we keep rolling the cap situation over to the future keeps us in a survival mode rather than give us great options and flexibility in cap management. Every draft, we go to the big board/draft hamstrung. When we restructure and backload a contract it makes it very difficult to release the player because of the cap hit regardless of injury or declining ability. Instead of maintaining our leverage this type policy really gives the player the leverage because it is so costly to cut a player who is no longer playing commensurate with his contract.

    I wished JJ and SJ as well as Jason will read your email. I know they are seasoned administrators and have made some good decisions, but they have also made more bad decisions in my opinion. They need to be objective in their evaluations, and even bring in a consultant, and harness the years of experience of your staff. We do have a gifted staff but the person that has the last word is not properly utilizing the people on staff. Any man, player or coach that can't cut it satisfactory, then take the necessary steps to correct it. Develop the proper scheme and tailor your scheme to fit your players. Let everybody feel some of sense of ownership. Keep them focused on their ultimate goal and everybody pitch in. Everybody becomes responsible for the team. When people believe in one another and are committed to the common goal - winning championships and Super Bowls then many of these things won't plague us then. Winning cures everything or should! Everybody should feel responsible for the entire team, and winning is your middle name.

    There is quite a bit of criticism against Garrett because of his RKGs. We didn't do any better when we had the WKYs.
    Just because a RKG of guy which means has a high motor and gives 110 percent and is team oriented, and plays by the rules and spends enough time in the film room and is conscientious in making his schedule and is supportive of his team mates, does not rob himself of his ability to be a great player. Taking drugs or any substance that altars the function of one's body will indeed inflict penalties at some time or other even if it is doing damage to one's body. It is not because a player is a dirty player that makes him good; it is his natural abilities that have been developed properly. Being a RKG doesn't make anybody a worse player. I knew some extremely nice players but a holy terror on the field, yet played within the rules.

    Please forgive this long rant. Most of it I didn't intend to write until I got started. I might give all of you a respite for a while and If I do will check in at the draft.
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