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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by THEHEREAFTER, Nov 23, 2004.


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    With our two #1's... I'm just curious to see who everyone would select @ this point with all this 05 talk going on.. If you could select any two..who would it be and why?

    I would say.. Mike Williams.. due to his obvious size and gifts.... I really put a premium on the ability to scare defenses.. and this guy would be able to do that. he's a terror in the red zone plus we have to consider the ages of our top receivers.. even Quincy Morgan is 27 I believe

    The other would have to be Antrel Rolle.. I just don't want to play the "other corner" game all summer long again and I think a guy like this would help to solidify our secondary.. We would finally have two potentially great corners. Corner is a play right away instant impact position and would allow us to play an attacking style of defense again. I also put a premium on corners...
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    I would take Mike Williams. If the concensus is that we can drop down to #10 or so and still select him, then that would be reasonable. If he ends up being gone, Braylon Edwards is the choice.

    With the Bills choice, if Brooks or Johnson are there they are the pick. Otherwise, I would trade down to the early 20s and try and get Webster or Miller at CB.

    Hopefully the above two moves have netted us at least one second rounder and maybe one third rounder. I would try and get whatever defensive playmakers we could find at DT, DE, FS, LB with our other 3 first day picks.
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    I dont care as long as we get good players...

    that said, it'll come down to what happens in free agency and what changes, if any are made to the defense...

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    Free Agent Pick Ups

    Fred Smoot CB – We definitely have a need at the CB position. Frazier has looked OK, but is on the small side plus we still have a need at nickel. Have seen every game Smoot has played in the NFL. He is a very solid corner, very good against the run and a top notch team and club house guy. His play for the last 2 years has been at a pro bowl level. He will be expensive but won’t break the bank for if not a pro bowl caliber player then close to pro bowl player.

    Darren Howard DE – Would I love to have Abraham sure, but I don’t think we can get him from the Jets. Jets also have Ellis but I believe Howard is a better player with less help around him while he has been in the league. This guy is still young has had an 11 sack year and has averaged about 7 -8 sacks a year and plays the run almost as well as Greg Ellis. I think this guy could be very solid for a pretty reasonable price.


    (1st RD Draft) Anttaj Hawthorne DT – This guy is a beast already at 6’3” 315lbs and has a body to handle another 20lbs easily. Antaj is a big bodied individual, who has great athleticism. He’s pretty fast for a guy his size, and should run around 5.0 at the combine. He’s a disruptive force who has looked good despite seeing multiple double-teams this year. He’s the kind of guy who has a wingspan to stifle the running back as he runs past, and is powerful enough to consume two or even three offensive lineman.

    (1st RD Draft) Ahmad Brooks OLB – Is only a sophomore but if he comes out would finally give us a play maker at LB. Brooks is a madman on the field and a great tackler to boot. He can play inside or out. A physical freak at 6-4 and 250 pounds with 4.62 speed, Brooks is a playmaker in every sense of the word and to give you an idea of how athletic he is, the Cavaliers actually had him returning kicks!

    (2nd RD Draft) Brodney Pool S – Great size...Good speed...Very productive...A playmaker with a nose for the ball...Very good athletic ability...Still has upside and a potential impact player. He is a FS and would allow Roy to move back to where he belongs. Excellent prospect who really stands out on a very talented defensive unit...Could be the best defensive back the Sooners have produced, which is saying something when you consider Andre Woolfolk and Derrick Strait have come out of there the last couple of years.

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    Great Info!
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    give me defense all day the first day.
  7. Avery

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    Draft a FS. Any FS. It'd be nice if we could somehow acquire another 2nd or 3rd via trade down.
  8. trickblue

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    I'm fine with that as long as we don't pass on any legitimate playmakers...
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    1a) DE Matthias Kiwakuna

    This guy will put up 10+ sacks each season for a long long time... 6'7, 261, 4.6 speed, he's the pass rushing DE we need

    1b) Either WR Mike Williams or Braylon Edwards

    Both are playmakers and can create problems for a defense... The more options, the better for Henson, and what better option than a young stud WR..
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    Hello everyone from Puerto Rico!

    Our draft strategy will be develop according to our FA sign. I think that Parcells will start to improve FIRST the DL through the FA because you win the games in the trench. Neither of the DT available in the first round are impact guys. Rod Wright and Hawthorne didn't resolve our problem because they aren't NT.
    My DRAFT selection is
    1a. Antrel Rolle CB
    1b. Ahamad Brooks LB
    2. James Butler S
    4. Anthony Bryant NT Alabama 6'3 335

  11. Eskimo

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    No way, that's too close for comfort!
  12. jobberone

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    Hello. How's the weather? Nice draft. We could do a whole lot worse than that. I'll take it.
  13. tyke1doe

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    If I could have it my way ...

    1a - Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas. Big man to plug the middle of our 3-4 alignment.

    1b - Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas. Another Longhorn to be the "LT" of our 3-4 alignment.

    2 - Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn. Okay, he likely won't be there, but this is a dream scenario. I'd rather have two great backs (assuming Julius Jones turns out to be good) than Mike Williams or M. Clayton because if Julius ever gets injured, then we're in trouble. Better to have someone who can step in and keep the running game going than to have a wide receiver who really won't matter if we don't have a good runner to keep defenses honest.
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    So having said that, here is my updated wish list:

    1a)Ahmed Brooks--This guy is a beast. Can play inside or outside. According to some has the most upside of anyone in this draft. I see him as an OLB because I am hoping the Boys sign EDGERTON HARTWELL.

    1b)Justin Miller--The second pick won't be quite as high which all but excludes Antrelle Rolle at this point. However, Miller is a nice fallback who has blinding speed and is a physical 5'11 200lbs corner. He has is one of the very best punt returners in the college game to boot.
    *Trading down here would also be a good option

    2)Craphonso Thorpe--One of the fastes players in the draft. 4.35 speed and has all the ability in the world. He also likes to block which should make Parcells happy.

    4)Albert Means--HUGE. Will become starting nose tackle after free agent signee PAT WILLIAMS has run his course.

    5)Chris Canty--This is a long term gamble as Canty injured his knee early this season. However he grades out to be a nice end in a 3-4 scheme and should be ready by 2006. 6-7 290lbs, runs a 4.99 forty.

    Other Free Agent signings:

    Anthony Thomas, rb
    Fred Baxter fs/cb
    Idrees Bashir fs
    Mike McMahon Qb

    This type of offseason would ensure we don't have a repeat of this year's debacle on defense.
    I really think the 3-4 is the best way to go given the personnel on this team and the pieces that can be added through free agency and the draft.

    New lineup on "d":

    DE--Glover, Ellis
    OLB--Brooks, James
    ILB--Nguyen, Hartwell
    CB--Newman, Miller
  15. Roy Williams

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    Give me this scenerio and I will show you a HUGE turnaround on defense next year..

    1)Antrel Rolle - cb - Miami
    1)Derrick Johnson - lb - Texas
    2)Anttaj Hawthorne - dt - Wisconsin
    4)James Butler - fs - Georgia Tech
    5)Eric Moore - de - Florida State

    ...then ask Jerry to open his pocket book. Do an exact opposite of what they did last year and go hard after 3 players on day "1" of FA. Pull a Dan Snyder if you have to.

    John Abraham - de - NY Jets
    Edgerton Hartwell - lb - Baltimore
    Plaxico Burress - wr - Pitt

    ..and then sign Ken Lucas (cb, Seattle) to battle Hunter for the 3rd CB position.

    Then I would change to a 3-4 defense. My front line would be Abraham, Hawthorne and Ellis (I would look to trade Glover for a draft pick(s)).
    My linebackers would be Johnson, Hartwell, James, and Singleton (Again, look for ways to dump Coakley and (gulp) Dat).
    My cornerbacks would be Rolle and Newman
    I would move R. Williams to SS and play him closer to the line of scrimmage.
    Then either let the young kid in Butler play FS or Woodson, if healthy.
    Now that defense would have numerous playmakers on defense.
    ...and I almost forgot...dump Zimmer!!
  16. Bobo

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    That day will come when hell freezes over and I'm granted permission into heaven to view it all.
  17. silverbear

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    DE-- Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College (underclassman)...

    DT-- Rodrique Wright, Texas (underclassman); Haloti Ngata, Oregon (underclassman)...

    OLB-- Derrick Johnson, Texas...

    CB-- Antrel Rolle, Miami; Marlin Jackson, Michigan...

    RB-- Cedric Benson, Texas...

    WR-- Mike Williams, USC; Braylon Edwards, Michigan...

    Ranked in order of preference:

    OLB Derrick Johnson, Texas
    DE Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College (underclassman)
    CB Antrel Rolle, Miami
    DT Haloti Ngata, Oregon (underclassman)
    WR Mike Williams, USC
    DT Rodrique Wright, Texas (underclassman)
    CB Marlin Jackson, Michigan
    WR Braylon Edwards, Michigan
    RB Cedric Benson, Texas

    There's 9 players who will all likely go in the top 15... any 2 of them would suit me just fine...

    Then, in the second round, the Boys could look at:

    FS-- James Butler, Georgia Tech; Thomas Davis, Georgia (underclassman)
    CB-- Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma; Carlos Rogers, Auburn
    DE-- Chris Canty, Virginia
    OL-- Elton Brown, Virginia; Michael Munoz, Tennessee
    WR-- Fred Gibson, Georgia; Vincent Jackson, Northern Colorado

    I'd go defense with 2 of the first 3 picks, perhaps even two DBs... I think with the other early pick, I'd look at a WR...
  18. jacs

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    i havent watched much college football but i like Antrel Rolle and it never hurts to be some Miami players
  19. fishspill

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    Assuming a shift to 3-4 and a new D-coordinator, also noting I am not sure who all the FA's will be:

    1a - Derrick Johnson
    1b - Marcus Spears
    2 - Brodney Pool


    Various and sundry fill outs &
    Shaun Rogers
    Edgerton Hartwell
    A corner for the love of God
    A strong safety for the love of God

    Now for the wackiness to begin. I would bulk up Roy and put him at linebacker, I'm guessing outside. DJ would go whereever it is that DJ would be most impactful and some other guy would fill the last LB spot.
    Rogers would take up the middle flanked by Spears and Glover, who I think would be a great DE in the 3-4. So you'd have:

    D line - Glover-------------Rogers-------------Spears

    LB - Roy------------Edge----------------------DJ----------Kalen/Bradie?

    DB - New--------------?-------------------Pool--------------------------?

    Best I can do in November. Happy Thanksgiving!

    P.S. - Where can I find a site with the NFL FA's-to-be? Anyone?
  20. T-New41

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    I'd like to see us draft the kicker from Ohio State. Obviously not with our 1st or 2nd, but a 4th or 5th could be a wise investment.

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