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    The courtesy of GBN..

    Personally I would not like this one at all


    by Frank Coyle, editor of the Draft Insider's Digest.

    (Ed. note. Frank Coyle, one of the best known and well-respected draft 'gurus' in the business, has kindly offered to provide some of his insights . Frank is the editor of Draft Insider's Digest now in its 14th season. A former pro scout, Frank also has many radio and television appearances on his resume. Frank's NFL Draft '05 Yearbook with over 400 In-depth Scouting Reports included in 200 pages will be available early in April. The Yearbook, plus other draft publications can be ordered toll free by calling 1-800-776-1949.)

    February 23, 2005


    1. San Francisco - *Aaron Rodgers - QB - California
    49ers need a new direction on offense and should start with the key position.
    2. Miami - Cedric Benson - RB - Texas
    Dolphins never recovered from losing Ricky Williams.

    3. Cleveland - *Alex Smith - QB - Utah
    Browns are again looking like an expansion franchise.

    4. Chicago - *Mike Williams - WR - Southern California
    Bears looking for big time playmaker after struggling again on offense.

    5. Tampa Bay - Carnell Williams - RB - Auburn
    Bucs’ Jon Gruden loves this running back for his diversified offense.

    6. Tennessee - Braylon Edwards - WR - Michigan
    Titans would love to add a big time playmaker with possible major overhaul expected on their roster.

    7. Oakland - Antrel Rolle - CB - Miami
    Raiders looking for big time cover man with possible trade of Charles Woodson.

    8. Arizona - Ronnie Brown - RB - Auburn
    Cards want a young power tailback after seeing Emmitt retire this offseason.

    9. Washington - Erasmus James - DE - Wisconsin
    Redskins need to address their front four early this spring with pass rushers the key spot.

    10. Detroit - David Pollack - DE - Georgia
    Lions front four needs a big time edge pass rusher.

    11. Dallas - Travis Johnson - DT - Florida State
    Cowboys defense is looking for an inside force.

    12. San Diego (from N.Y. Giants) - Alex Barron - OT - Florida State
    Chargers offensive line looking for help on the outside.

    13. Houston - *Heath Miller - TE - Virginia
    Texans looking for a playmaker to stretch the field in the middle.

    14. Carolina - *Adam Jones - CB - West Virginia
    Panthers secondary got toasted often last season.

    15. Kansas City - Marlin Jackson - CB - Michigan
    Chiefs defense needs shutdown corner on the outside.

    16. New Orleans - *Thomas Davis - S - Georgia
    Saint defense needs tough playmaker and run support defender.

    17. Cincinnati - Marcus Spears - DE - LSU
    Bengals will look to address their front four early in this draft class.

    18. Minnesota - *Justin Miller - CB - Clemson
    Vikings secondary gets toasted weekly every week on schedule.

    19. St. Louis - Carlos Rogers - CB - Auburn
    Rams would love to land this tough cornerback.

    20. Dallas (from Buffalo) - *Channing Crowder - LB - Florida
    Parcells loves those big, physical linebackers.

    21. Jacksonville - Dan Cody - DE - Oklahoma
    Jaguars are looking for a young playmaker on the outside.

    22. Baltimore - Mark Clayton - WR - Oklahoma
    Ravens need a playmaker at receiver for their young offense.

    23. Seattle - Derrick Johnson - LB - Texas
    Seahawks must improve on defense to rank among the top clubs.

    24. Green Bay - Kevin Burnett - LB - Tennessee
    Packers are looking for more speed on defense.

    25. Denver - Matt Roth - DE - Iowa
    Rugged defender gives Broncos much needed upfront pass pressure.

    26. New York Jets - Jammal Brown - OT - Oklahoma
    Jets offensive line is an area looking to add a young tackle if FA losses occur.

    27. Atlanta - Corey Webster - CB - LSU
    Falcons defense may address the secondary again this spring.

    28. San Diego - *Troy Williamson - WR - South Carolina
    Chargers are looking for a fast playmaker at wide receiver.

    29. Indianapolis - Eric Green - CB - Virginia Tech
    Quick cover man would be fine compliment in Colts secondary.

    30. Pittsburgh - Shaun Cody - DT - Southern California
    Steelers defense must get more pass pressure from their front three.

    31. Philadelphia - *Darryl Blackstock - LB - Virginia
    Eagles defense is building a young dominant group.

    32. New England - Demarcus Ware - LB - Troy State.
    Patriots have 7 veteran linebackers over 30 by next season.

    The GREAT BLUE NORTH DRAFT REPORT is a division of SQUITERLAND ENTERPRISES, Ottawa, Ontario,Canada
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    :eek: Let's hope that draft doesn't pan out... and there is NO WAY Derrick Johnson lasts that long!
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    And there is no reason to pass him up if he does last that long.
  4. Avery

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    Crowder at #20 I could probably live with, but Johnson at #11? I don't think I'd pass on Pac Man.

    DJ dropping down to the 20's is amusing as well.
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    I can't see the Texans wasting a first round pick on a TE.
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    Shawne Merriman....HELLO?
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    there is no way DJ falls that far.if we pass him at #11 I will kill someone.
  9. TLW47

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    Why not? They wasted a 2nd on Joppru or whatever his name is and he hasn't played a down.
  10. Overalls

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    And Y'all gave us a 3rd for a baseball player.
  11. TLW47

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    We're not talking about Henson. His career or lack of will play out in future years.

    The fact is the Texans screwed up big time on a guy who gets hurt getting out of bed and hasn't played a down. And I guess since he's not a Cowboy you think it's fine. My guess is if he were a Cowboy you'd be all over it. But he's a Texan and we all know they never make bad decisions. :whatever:
  12. Overalls

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    TLW47 the vastness of your ignorance must make you one of the greatest Cowboy fans of all times. I simply stated that I did not think that the Texans would pick a TE in the first round and you jumped all over the team. I agree that using a 2nd roung pick on Benny, now seems like a waste, but don't expect for me to sit idle by while you blast me, for no reason. I am sorry that spending a 3rd round pick on a baseball player that could not beat out Vinny T and was thought of as such a great prospect that your team picked up another has been is such a sore subject to you.
  13. TLW47

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    1) How you deduced that I was bashing you from a post about the Texans wasting a draft choice is over my head.
    However you see fit to call me ignorant and that's fine. Go figure.

    2) Henson's career will play out in the next few years to come. I think he signed a really long contract so he'll be a Cowboy for awhile. If he comes in and becomes the guy in 2 years it would have hardly been a waste to spend a 3rd on him. If he doesn't it was a blown pick. That will play out. The Joppru situation is different. They picked him high expecting him to play right away. He hasn't and it's been a few years. That SO FAR is a wasted pick. That's the difference. But I'm ignorant so what do I know?

    3) I've been a Cowboys fan for many years and been real proud to be one. I don't know by what criteria you judge somebody to be the "greatest" fan but yea I'm a pretty damn good one.

    And I'm hoping Bledsoe has a hell of a year. With a few good selections in the upcoming draft and some injured players coming back we'll do fine.
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    really crappy draft.. id be pretty upset with that.

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