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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bluestang, Jan 29, 2010.

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    So the way I see it Dallas doesn't have any positions that need to be filled immediately as in someone coming in and starting right away. We had a great team this last season and just need a few tweaks here and there. Here's my take please agree/disagree and post why:

    2 OL
    The O-line is a concern but lets face it unless we draft a stud OL with the first pick even then it is not a guarantee he will push for a starting job. We all know Flozell is getting older and slower but there is no way we throw a rookie in at LT for next year. We need to draft replacements for Adams and Columbo this year. One thing is for certain I want to see Proctor gone after TC - he's not translating into anything and was inactive most games. Holland too.

    1 PR/KR
    Whether is be a WR or CB it doesn't matter to me because both positions would be an added bonus for depth. Crayton did well but I want someone more explosive. Also kick returns were just awful last year.

    1 S
    Sensabaugh was pretty solid all year despite playing with a cast. We all know he got abused by Minny but we can't judge him by one game. Consider this it was his first year in Phillips' 3-4 scheme and was asked to cover WRs in man coverage, not may safeties can do that in the NFL. Hamlin on the otherhand has been pretty quiet the last few seasons has not played to the level of what his contract is. Maybe it's what is asked of him but I don't see a playmaker at that position and he just looks painfully slow.

    1 NT
    Savii played good this year but we saw Ratliff wear down late in games because he was taking the bulk of the snaps. I wouldn't mind getting a good NT that we can use for depth or run stopping. And for those wanting Ratliff to slide over to DE - keep dreaming because Rat commands double teams and that's want you want at that position.

    I can't decide for the last pick, with the draft class of last year returning healthy and whover we draft this year Dallas is gonna have ALOT of depth and some tough decisions come preseason.

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