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    This is another link with the draft order, showing how playoff teams with worse records than non-playoff teams pick, if they do not make it to the SB.

    I hope this ends and clears this up for everyone, that playoff teams choose from 21-32 automatic, which they do not.


    Draft Order

    Jan 3 2005

    Current NFL Draft Order
    *Generally, the first 20 teams are determined by record, with the order of playoff teams being determined by when they are eliminated from post-season play. This year, however, with two 8-8 eight teams in the playoff field, things shake out a bit differently. Because Minnesota and St. Louis have worse records than some non-playoff teams, they will be placed after all other teams with the same winning percentage, depending on which of the two teams is eliminated from the playoffs first. If they are both eliminated in the same round, Minnesota would select before St. Louis based on strength of schedule.

    1. San Francisco (2-14)
    2. Miami (4-12)
    3. Cleveland (4-12)
    4. Chicago (5-11)
    5. Tampa Bay (5-11)
    6. Tennessee (5-11)
    7. Oakland (5-11)
    8. Arizona (6-10)
    9. Washington (6-10)
    10. Detroit (6-10)
    11. Dallas (6-10)
    12. San Diego from N.Y. Giants (6-10)
    13. Houston (7-9)
    14. Carolina (7-9)
    15. Kansas City (7-9)
    16. New Orleans (8-8)
    17. Cincinnati (8-8)
    18. Minnesota (8-8)
    19. St. Louis (8-8)
    20. Dallas from Buffalo (9-7)
    21. Jacksonville (9-7)
    22. Baltimore (9-7)
    23. Seattle (9-7)

    They did not have 24 to 32
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    Than why is Dallas (Buffalo's) pick not setting at #18 ahead of Minnesota and St. Louis ?
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    different sites use different terms like segment, winning percentages etc...

    the bottom line is that unless you are in the SB game, you are slotted with everyone else with the same number of wins and losses. the only exception is that non-playoff teams are slotted ahead of playoff teams with the SAME number of wins and losses. so in the case of 8-8 teams, unless minn or the rams make it to the sb game, they are slotted behind all non-playoff who are 8-8 which means they pick ahead of the bills who is 9-7.
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    The Nfl Offical Draft Site Says Dallas Picks #11 And # 18 Why Does This Keep Being Debated???

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