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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by The Duke, Feb 3, 2005.

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    I know we need defense, but what are the realistic chances that we get Alex Barron, or Brown, or Baas. Are OT Barron and Brown that great? Usually high first round OT are immediate starters and a safer choice high first. Rogers is having shoulder surgery 4th time and will not be able to be counted on to start next year. The right side of the line is just as big a reason for our losing season last year as the Dline. Did you see Henson go back to pass and the floodgates were open.

    I also suggest this because the defensive guys possibly chosen at 11 don't seem all world. There's probably not a great difference between Johnson, Merrimen, Spears, Cody, Cody, James. One of those will be there at 20.

    Cornerstone OT's are hard to come by and expensive in FA. Walter Jones will want more than Flozell. Peterman is an unknown and we can't afford that whole at guard either. Do you think Baas will be there at our 2nd pick?

    So my draft so far before FA tells us more...
    11a Edwards/Williams (doubt they will be there but crazy not to take)
    or 11b Barron/Brown

    20 Tweener D guy

    2nd Baas

    What do you think?
  2. Avery

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    Barron is probably going top ten. While the OL doesn't excite me, I'd like to see what Peterman and Rogers can do before we decide they are busts.

    We just spent first day picks on them a year ago. We need to target other areas of the team to improve.
  3. Woods

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    I hope that we address OT in FA.

    I agree that we can't count on Rogers with this surgery. I hope things work out with Rogers, but ASSUMING we are going to be starting a young QB sometime next season (e.g., Henson), I don't think we can afford to cross our fingers and hope for the best on this one.

    I think McKenzie, Oliver Ross and a couple of other guys will be available later this year. We should look to pick up one.

    IMO, the fixing the OL is MORE important than picking up a WR right now. What's the point of having a top WR if the QB is lying on his back, or if the QB doesn't have time to throw?

    IMO, you can't consistently score without a solid OL. It was pathetic how many times J Jones was hit in the backfield or held for no gain in 1/2 a season . . . .
  4. Cowboy from New York

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    Alex Barron seems like the only O-lineman who carries a ranking high enough to be taken as high as #11 but who have to many bigger needs then to take him even if he fell to us. I think we'll make a run at Kareem McKenzie from the Jets or Oliver Ross from Pitt to play RT.
    I think there is a difference in the college DEs you metioned, it sure looks like we are going to the 3-4 and we need bigger D-lineman, if you look at some evaluations on the '05 class of DEs you will find that Marcus Spears is listed as 30 to even 40 pounds heavier than the other top 5 or 6 ranked DEs. Obviously a huge difference. I was hoping to trade down a little from #11 to regain our 3rd rounder but Spears is rising on draft boards after the senior bowl and I've seen draft discussion where the Chargers may take him right behind us with the 12th pick from the Giants.
    Now when we get to the 20th pick I'm hoping for Merriman but I think he'll be gone, after that I'd like Troy Williamson/Roddy White at WR to gain a deep threat.
    With our 2nd rounder I'm still hoping that Anntaj Hawthorne is there but its looking like he won't and I think nose tackle will be one of our free agent moves. With him gone, then I'm in the best player available mode and I think OT Adam Terry would be a great grab at that spot, listed as 6-9, 330 and noted as expierienced and durable (the anti-Jacob Rogers!)
    might be just to good to avoid. He could do what a lot of young tackles do, like Gallery last year, start at guard and gain experience before moving over, giving us a season to wait to fill the guard spot permanently.
    Since Duke did a mini mock, what the heck, here's mine at the moment.

    1A. Marcus Spears DE
    1B. Troy Williamson, WR(only because I think Merriman DE/LB is gone)
    2. Anntaj Hawthorne, DT, if gone Adam Terry OT
    4. James Butler, safety
  5. The Duke

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    If Edwards or Williams are really future #1 WR then you simply do not pass on them. You don't pass on a #1 WR, franchise QB or great DE...ever! Their to critical to the teams success. In our current situation would you want to pass on the next Michael Irvin? Edwards and Vincent Young of UT were the only guys to stand out at the Rose Bowl. But this is mute b/c if they are that good the other teams will take the same philosophy and get them before #11.

    In our current situation, do we want 2 vet FA close to 30 years old? That's 4 Olineman that are not young. Last years Tuckers, Vollers, Gurode is not an option. Flozell needs to be on the right side bc of his hearing problem in his right ear. Off sides by him has got to stop.

    A young Barron or Brown could be on the left next to LA a vet. Flozell on the right. Bring in one vet Guard. Draft a Guard. In two years we'll have 5 young lineman to for the next 5+ years.

    LT Barron/Brown (OU)
    LG Elton Brown/Baas
    C Johnson
    RG Reterman
    RT Rogers

    Go FA on D!
  6. Portland Fanatic

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    Don't like this....LA will be here next year...and is still our best OLineman...Flo is our second best lineman...he's not going anywhere either.

    You are advocating basically an all rookie line with Rogers who is a major question mark after a big surgery on shoulder and can't have full contact until TC...he is a complete unknown and should not be slated as a starter anywhere now...hopefully he ultimately does, but for now way to many ???'s.

    Draft pic (Baas or maybe Peterman or Gurode step up)
    Ryan Diem (from the Colts...26 year old stud who is VERY consistant in the passing and running game...he IMO is the best RT FA on the market...)

    Draft defense unless we get Williams or Edwards with #11...we need a 3-4 players...this draft has several 3-4 players to fill the void...all D draft!
  7. The Duke

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    Excuse me but reread my thread slowly. "In two years..." I did not in anyway imply counting on Rogers and go with rookies. Exactly the opposite. I'm saying do not count on Rogers at all after his 4th shoulder surgery. You draft Olinmen and groom them for at least one year. They usually need to get much stronger, bigger, and footwork.

    I'm just speculating for not next year but the year after for the OL. I'll take a 6'9 330 lb guy. That's huge! What is with these linmen these days. They just seem to be getting bigger each year. I think Jerry Jones tried to keep going with the Cowboys 90s dynasty blueprint and try to outweigh the other team by 30 + lbs. We got Gurode, Flozell, garmon etc. I think Parcells is going a different philosophy with Peterman, Rogers, Johnson...sorry but white and not as huge. Thoughts on BP/Cowboys change on OL.

    People tend to forget that Jimmy Johnson got great drafts but 3/5 of the OL was already in place. I think 1 maybe 2 are going to be here in 06 when the team should really make a SB run.

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