Draft Overview: This Was Actually A Solid Draft For Us

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IAmLegend, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. RS12

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    The over all talent level has one up. Also they got good value in some of the picks. Also I believe they all make the roster and contribute this year. Bottom line though, with the scheme change on defense I just dont see the pieces to make it work. I see alot of 35-31 games coming up this year FWIW.
  2. DBOY3141

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    It's the end of the 6th round and Baily hasn't been drafted. He is not starting this year in the NFL. I would like to have him but would rather have players that contribute this year. All the ones we drafted will do that this year.
  3. ThreeandOut

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    I think you're going to see a lot of immediate contributors from this group in the coming season. Frederick is probably the only starter this year, but as a whole I think this group sees the field a lot this year.
  4. DFWJC

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    Yeah, it was solid.

    The value of the 47th pick is very high though....litterally, it's worth
    Two 3rdrounders, or
    One 3rd plus two 4ths,

    I mean, I would have preferred to have BOTH Dallas Thomas plus Demontre Moore (so two 3rds) way,way,way over Escobar.

    The value was not right. That's all
    I'm sure our latest TE will be a real solid add though

    Overall though, I do think this is areal solid group
  5. Bigdog24

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    Wait tell JJ Wilcox gets a little experience, this kid could end up being a monster in Monte Kiffens defense.....

    As for the draft, after the annual Jerry Jones jack up of the first round, it shows potential.

    I really like the Wilcox and Randle picks, two solid player. Williams can be good but it will take two to three years for him to show up. Escobar and Frederick are the most likely IMO to bust. Not because they are bust, but the cowboys have a terrible track record of developing TE and OL......

    Overall i wish the players the best and look forward to seeing them play
  6. Sasquatch

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    Picks 1, 2, 3, and 5 are starting caliber players within the regular 3-year window. Granted, all our preceived needs were not addressed, but these selections anticipate future attrition at key positions (WR, TE, and RB) and set us up for adding more OL and DL in the following years.
  7. TheCount

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    Larry Warford in the 2nd or Armstead in the 3rd would have been huge in my mind, I think TE and WR are among the least of our worries but I can't deny that I like both players.

    Back to Back offensive linemen would have been a heck of a statement. How would that have been for "Shaking Things Up", instead of all this talk about 3 TE sets.

    Coming out of the draft with just a single trench player says more of the same to me. Entertaining team to watch but not built to play into the post season. Hopefully we make some FA moves, but I wanted young blood on the line.
  8. Pessimist_cowboy

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    best draft since 05
  9. 5Stars

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    What qualifications to you have to backup that statement?
  10. wileedog

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    I don't think you need to be a Defensive Coordinator to know that it is hard to play a Tampa 2 with no safeties and an aging DLine with little depth.
  11. tm1119

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    1st round was a reach even though I like the player
    TE at 47 is a head scratcher
    Wilcox is a big question mark. Could be great, could be another AOA.

    Overall it wasn't a bad draft by any means, but I felt it could have been better.
  12. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    I don't think a fan has the knowledge of a Defensive Coordinator that actually has a job in the NFL and has been doing it his whole life.

  13. wileedog

    wileedog Well-Known Member

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    I don't either, but that doesn't mean people can't have opinions, does it?

    Kinda the whole point of this internet message board thingie.
  14. jamesdojr

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    Not happy with this draft at all. We had an opportuniy to shore up either our oline or dline and did neither. Schwenke dudnt go until the 4th. Coulda snagged bareett jones for next year. Warford... romo can not take another season of running for his life. And to top it off we could habe snagged the best dlinemen ( I believe he will be) in the draft at #18. I like Travis Frderick and Terrence Williams pick. They were good solid picks... nothing spectacular... id love to be proven wrong and for all of them to end up being superstars

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Every year NFL coordinators say they have the right talent to field a great offense/defense and every year at least half of them are wrong. Don't be afraid to think for yourself.
  16. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Oh, I do think for myself. But, what I think and what I actually know about a teams needs do nothing for that particular team because I have no say so.

    But, talking in absolutes like some posters is just lazy and you will never hear me say that such and such are busts, or they don't fit what the team needs, or that player is not good value, and on and on! I won't say such things because I DON'T KNOW, and you I or anyone else don't know either!
  17. CowboyRoy

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    SuperBowl! LOL

    Its always funny to hear people act like all these draft picks will be immediate starters, none of them will bust and holes are filled.

    If you want the truth about this draft it goes something like this:

    1. First year lineman struggle mightely. So we can only pray that the new center not only becomes the guy we hope, but it is doubtful he is going to turn around our woes in one year.

    2. This guy may be a good TE, but for next year, he will be a #3 TE. We have heard this 12, two TE nonsense for years and it has NEVER panned out. Why now?

    3. Williams seems like a great value and may replace Austin in a year or two. However for next year he will be lucky to get 20 receptions and he ist our #4 WR at this point.

    4. The safety only has one year at safety in his life so although he may turn out to be something down the road, he will be nothing but a special teams player next year.

    So in summary, we will lucky to get one starter next year out of this draft and it will be a rookie lineman. The rest will all be backups that will hardly sniff the field in during games or not at all.

    And last time I checked Free, and our two guards still needed to be replaced.
  18. jobberone

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    Just a quick glance at the thread but my first impression was we added some speed.
  19. RastaRocket

    RastaRocket Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? Ya Mon.

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    I feel like every one of these guys makes the roster eventually.
  20. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

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    I love the WR pick. I havent forgotten how many of our woes the first few games were attributable to poor WR play. We needed another true outside presence.

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