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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by lostinomiya, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I have been reading these threads, all the different arguments and the complications on need v talent and value.

    Vela wants Nick Fairley ideally and would settle for Cam Jordan - he prioritized DL at the top for some reason, Hostile wants PP because I read from him somewhere that it is a pass happy league and secondary needs help...

    I really dont know although tend to want to fix the OL first because I am concerned about Colombo and Davies, the lack of push in running game and giving Tony enough time to pass. And due to the suppose lack of quality DBs we can wait for a D Williams etc maybe in the third? However, honestly I have no clue and my views are based on what I read - I have never seen D Williams play for example.

    Perhaps Safety is the #1 priority ideally but based on talent available that shifts? Ideally - 1. safety 2. OL but realistically 1. OL 2. DL 3. safety?

    I know it is complex and contingent but, for the sake of argument, could you explain what your perceived priorities are for the Cowboys and why in the draft - OL first, DBs, DL etc?
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    Velas comment on superbowl and how it might affect above question:

    "This game offers much fuel for the Cowboys draft debate. Early in the game, blog friend and current ESPN analyst K.C. Joiner posted that both starting Steelers cornerbacks, Bryan McFadden and Ike Taylor had YPAs over 13.0 on vertical passes against good offenses this season. They play with such a superior front seven, they're rarely exposed. Rodgers exposed them today and would have put at least seven more points on the board had James Jones not dropped a sure touchdown slant on the Packers opening 2nd half series.

    Does this argue for Dallas to beef up its rush, with the explanation that a more Steelers-like rush would help its shell-shocked secondary?

    Or, did the stellar job the Packers' offensive line did tonight argue for taking young offensive line beef in the first? Rookie Bryan Bulaga played both the right and left tackle spots for the Packers and did a stellar job handling James Harrison and Lamar Woodley. (He was picked one spot ahead of Dez Bryant in last April's draft.) Would a Gabe Carimi, Tyron Smith or a Derek Sherrod offer the Cowboys offense a similar lift in 2011?"
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    Priorities are RT, SS, DE, and RG. And then FS, CB, ILB in my book. Value will be at DE/DL for our first pick. OT, perhaps, for our second, and then DBs in the later rounds.

    In any event, I wouldn't draft for need at 9. You need an impact player there. It looks to me like that's going to be at DL right now.
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    RT (draft Carimi/Sherrod)

    RG (mid level FA or retain davis and draft wisniewski or moffit or both)

    NT (if we sign NT and move Rat to DE and sign bowens and spears or hatcher, we are fine at DE)

    FS (Huff)

    ILB (draft Martez Wilson)

    Slot WR/PR/KR (draft the WR from Kentucky)

    basically, resign a few of our own guys and sign soliai and huff
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    It all depends on who falls to us in the draft
    If Frailey, Peterson, are gone, then trade down i say;

    go after a jordan, if you think about it, when ware is neutralized, we generally dont get there with a pass rush, only 2 pass rushers we really have are ware and ratliff

    you dont see any pass rush from igor or spears, even hatcher keeps getting hurt, so basically we need one more dominant pass rusher on defensive line, to make teams double team, ratliff, and that player and then ware, thats 6 players to block, so that leaves your linebackers and safeties or cbs to blitz or pass rush

    we need another dominant defensive linemen, pass rusher,

    spencer isnt doing the job, needs a foot you know where

    peterson will be lone gone before we pick,soo will frailey dt, so i would
    rather trade down and take a run at jordan, or an OT with 15th to 17th pick

    i do agree with what the posters said, we need a safety/cb for pass happy league, and we need a pass rusher too, i think we could get jordan or brandon harris with about the 15th pick,

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