News: Draft Profile: Rd 3 - Terrance Williams - WR - Baylor

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    The following is the 3rd in a series of draft profiles for the Dallas Cowboys' selected players from April's draft. These profiles are put together after watching significant amounts of game tape from each player, and is an attempt to examine their resumes and play to get an idea of how they might fit in best with Dallas come training camp in Oxnard this summer.

    Terrance Williams
    Wide Receiver
    6'2, 208
    40 time: 4.50, Bench Press: 11
    September 18, 1989 (Age 23)

    Football is a game of simple math. Can you rush more players than they can block? Can you put more receivers into a zone than they can defend? Can you get more guys to the ball than they can deal with? This is the fun with numbers that are all over the game. You have 11 and they have 11, but how do you deploy them to cause the opposition math issues?

    Well, that leads us to the discussion of the Cowboys spending their 2nd pick on a 2nd tight end and their 3rd pick on a 3rd Wide Receiver. I have heard some make the case that in the 2013 draft, in which the Cowboys desperately needed upgrades at several starting positions (Guard, Tackle, Center, Free Safety, Strong Safety, Outside Linebacker, and Defensive Tackle), they drafted for depth at skill positions who were in effect, reserves.

    Now, nobody will complain about Gavin Escobar or Terrance Williams if there are injuries that push them onto the field (and there are always injuries). Nor will anybody complain about training the understudies for Jason Witten and Miles Austin when the Cowboys replace those two veteran mainstays down the road when the salaries and the ability no longer is in the proper order.

    But, for the time being - assuming that this draft wasn't just about contract flexibility in 2014 and 2015 and injury insurance for next fall - we must discuss the simple math elements of what the Cowboys decided to do a few weeks ago. Essentially, they have taken the last skill position player that they can put on the field in 2 consecutive picks.

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