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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by silverbear, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Over at Google Docs... I have 3 of them this year, a big board with the players rated regardless of position, a draft board by position, and a new board listing just the players we know the Cowboys have interviewed, worked out, or brought in for a visit...

    The list has 230 names on it this year, but most impressive (to me) is that almost 40 per cent of those names (89 of them, to be exact) are players we know the Cowboys have shown some interest in...

    Here are the links:




    Now, for some explanation about my methodology... new this year is the "Rank" column, the first column... this time around, rather than depending so heavily on NFL Draft Scout's ratings, I also factored in the over than 1000 players rated by Pro Football Weekly, and the 350 players rated by Drafttek... I took the ratings of all 3 (when all 3 were available), and averaged them together to get that "grade"...

    Now, a few of those rankings have an asterisk attached to them, that's because with those players one of the services rated the player MUCH lower than the other two did (over 100 places lower)... working on the theory that the much higher grades are likely to be the aberration, when this happened I bumped the player up a slot higher in the draft than his ranking would dictate...

    There are also some asterisks in the 40 time column, those are players for whom NFL Draft Scout is not showing a time either at the combine or at the player's Pro Day... so the 40 times for those players are estimated times, you are welcome to be suspsicious of them...

    Players in the rows shaded in blue are players the Boys have shown some interest in during the course of this offseason, the players in italic fonts are players I'm particularly interested in... the players in the rows shaded in gray are likely undrafted rookie free agents who intrigue me...

    OK, that's about all I can think of to relay here... enjoy, and of course if you have any questions just ask them in this thread and I'll try to respond...
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    What an annual labor of love...Bear. Thanks, and humbly so.:starspin :)
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    Greatly appreciate all the work you put into this. Thank you!
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    U da bear!
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    Thanks Bear
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    Dude, quit being so lazy and put some real effort into it. ;)

    Great job as always! Thanks!
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    You're the man! Awesome job!

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