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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Verdict

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    I was looking at the draft value chart and it appears that we will have the following draft picks (assuming that we win the coin flip):

    Round Pick Point value chart

    1 16 1000
    2 49 410
    3 80 190
    4 113 68
    5 144 34
    6 traded
    7 206 9
    7 208 8.2
    7 215 5.4
    Comp pick 1
    Comp pick 2
    Comp pick 3

    If there is no impact player there at #16 that we feel like we just cant pass on I would love to see us trade back from #16 to about #20 and pick up a 3rd round pick for the move and reevaluate. If there is a guy there that isn't a must have at 20, then move back a couple of more spots to about #22. In doing so, we would then have approximately the following picks:

    1 #22
    2 #49
    3 #80
    3 #84
    4 #113
    4 #118
    5 #144
    no pick
    7 #206
    7 #208
    7 #215
    comp 1
    comp 2
    comp 3

    That is 13 picks in this draft with 6 picks in the top 4 rounds. Ideally, maybe we could move a 7th round pick this year for a 6th rounder next year if there wasn't a guy there in the 7th that we didn't think could help us this year.

    I'm not saying you do this blindly. If there is a guy you really want, then by all means, take him at #16. But if you can add a guy like Trey Millard for FREE by trading down just a couple of spots in the first or second round, all of a sudden you get a potentially dominant player at his position who you would not be willing to spend a pick on with as many holes as we currently have.
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    We can in all likelihood trade back to 27 if Donald is indeed our target because there is only one 4-3 team between us and Carolina. The Bengals at 24 are the only 4-3 in that mix but they have bigger needs at DE, CB and S alongwith Geno Atkins already there at the 3 tech.
  3. Verdict

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    I think the biggest question mark about whether we trade down or not is whether a top tier player falls to us that isn't expected to fall that we value highly. The talent can dry up and drop off on you before your pick, or there can be several guys available when you pick that you are equally high on. The latter is the better scenario, because you can move back a few spots and still get your man. The trade back scenario doesn't always work and isn't always desirable, but it enables a team to plug holes much faster if it works out.

    Last year we not only got two players for one in the trade back to draft Frederick, but we also saved some pretty significant cap room by moving back.
  4. Verdict

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    The best part of that trade back would be that the price for moving up would be a second round pick. If we pick 16th we get under valued by 10 points (a 7th round equivalent) in that trade. If we pick 17th we would be getting a bit of a premium for the trade down (+40 points) which equates to a top of the 5th round pick.
  5. Gaede

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    Not a big fan of our options at 16/17. Unless a T falls. Would welcome a trade down at this point.
  6. reddyuta

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    What if some team trades up? You have to be prepared for everything when you trade down.
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    Don't see Carolina, Cincy, or Denver trading for a DT, I think to many Cowboy fans are overrating Donald right now.

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