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    I have compiled a list of potential prospects rounds 1-5 that I wouldn't mind the Cowboys taking a look at.. Round 1 includes 7 prospects, round 2 includes 5 prospects, and rounds 3-5 all include 3 players

    All the players I am listing are guys who I personally think will succeed at the next level and could contribute as early as year 1 for the Cowboys... As far as 1st round picks I didn't include guys like Clowney/Bridgewater etc. because it doesn't seem likely that those guys will be around for our pick even if we were to go 5-11

    The players are not in any particular order.

    Round 1:
    Sammy Watkins (WR, Clemson) - Wide receiver isn't a need on this team but with Miles likely to be cut and Witten being past his prime I don't think it would be a bad thing to get a guy in here that can scare some defenses away from doubling Dez all the time.. Watkins is clearly the best WR in the draft in my opinion and would give the Cowboys one of the best young WR corps in the league.. Terrance Williams has made great strides but he isn't dynamic enough to stop teams from double covering Dez and in my opinion has not been able to get off of 1-1 press coverage to take advantage of his 1-1 chances.

    Louis Nix (DT, Notre Dame) - Nix is undergoing knee surgery today and while that could certainly be seen as a negative but if Nix decides to come out this should push him down draft boards a bit which works in the Cowboys favor.. Nix was thought to be a top 7 pick before the news of the knee surgery but hopefully this could push him back into the Cowboys lap come draft day.. Nix is a big DT (6'2 345) but has exceptional quickness.. Nix could be the Cowboys 1 technique guy with guys like Tyrone Crawford and Ben Bass returning from injury at the 3 technique. But don't make any mistake.. Nix is a guy that can get up field and effect the QB as well.

    Rashede Hageman (DT, Minnesota) - Hageman is a raw prospect but has immense potential.. at 6'6 311 he possesses a rare combination of size and athleticism.. Hageman gets off the with rare quickness for a guy his size. Has some flexibility as a DT and in my opinion could be used as either a 3 or 1 technique guy.. To give Rod Marinelli a guy with such rare athletic traits could be a truly great thing.. Hageman has one of the highest ceilings of anyone in the 2014 draft and with such a great position coach there shouldn't be any reason he can't get there as a member of the Cowboys.

    Bradley Roby (CB, Ohio State) - Corner isn't a desperate need for the Cowboys but I think that Roby is a special player..Roby in my opinion is a better pro prospect than Morris Claiborne, Dee Milliner, and DJ Hayden..Roby is a fierce competitor who plays with a fiery passion the Cowboys could use on defense. You can never have enough corners and with Morris Claiborne often injured and only 4 corners on the current cowboys roster I wouldn't be mad at this pick because where they will be picking (Most likely 14-22) I think he will be a great value.. Roby also has the ability to play both sides and to play inside giving the cowboys someone beyond Scandrick that can play inside.

    Antonio Richardson (OT, Tennessee) - Richardson will also most likely be there when the Cowboys pick.. Richardson is a LT at Tennessee but has the physical traits to play either side.. Richardson has he physicality and nastiness to be a good run blocker in the NFL as well as the finesse and foot quickness to be good in pass protection.. Richardson would probably only make sense if the Cowboys decided to part ways with Doug Free who has been much improved this season

    Hasean Clinton-Dix (FS, Alabama) - Clinton-Dix possesses the range and playmaking ability the Cowboys have been missing at the Safety position for a long time..Clinton-Dix is a prototypical Free Safety which would compliment Barry Church well because he is more suited to be a Strong Safety and play closer to the line of scrimmage..The Cowboys have drafted a few safeties in the past 3 or 4 years but all have been mid round picks.. I think if the Cowboys draft a safety this year they do so in the first 2 rounds.

    Marqise Lee (WR, USC) - Again the Cowboys aren't in dire need of a receiver but this years draft yields some good receiver talent at the top of the draft.. Lee is a polished route runner who can play outside and in the slot.. He has the speed and playmaking ability to attract enough attention to be a difference maker in year one and make things on Dez Bryant and Jason Witten easier.

    Round 2:

    Kadeem Carey (RB, Arizona) - Kadeem Carey has been a supremely productive player while at Arizona..Has worked primarily in shotgun formations and has shown good pass protection ability..Carey runs very hard and finishes runs with power and passion..Carey has shown the ability to shoulder the load game in and game out and has done so while staying healthy which is key for the Cowboys considering Demarco Murrays lack of availability throughout the past 3 years.

    Kony Ealy (DE, Missouri) - If the Cowboys are going to be effective in this 4-3 scheme and depending on a 4 man rush they need to get some more pass rushers in here..I think it is relatively clear that Kyle Wilber isn't the answer to be Demarcus Ware's backup.. A guy like Ealy could come in and help the Cowboys on day 1 as a rotational pass rusher.

    Will Sutton (DT, Arizona State) - Sutton is a bit undersized with short arms and that is the only thing keeping him from being a top 20 pick..Sutton is extremely quick and could probably come in and start as the 3 technique from day 1..Again if the Cowboys are going to be successful in this 4-3 their defensive line has got to be a difference maker and get some pressure on opposing QB's

    Dion Bailey (FS, USC) - Dion Bailey is another prototypical Free Safety who has the range and playmaking traits the Cowboys have been missing out the Safety position..Kiffin is familiar with Bailey and if he is available in the 2nd I could easily see them taking him.. Bailey has been a better player in my opinion than TJ Mcdonald was at USC and Mcdonald has done a fair job as a rookie starting in the NFL.

    Gabe Jackson (OG, Mississippi State) - The Cowboys most likely won't bring Brian Waters back and unless Mackenzy Bernadeau significantly steps his game up they will be in the market for a starting guard.. Jackson has good size for a guard and could be a big strong body to help solidify the much improved interior offensive line that the Cowboys are developing

    Round 3:

    Brandin Cooks (WR, Oregon State) - Good route running slot receiver.

    James Wilder Jr (RB, Florida State) - Extremely physical back who plays with a lot of passion

    Shayne Skov (MLB, Stanford) - Finally.. A backup inside linebacker for when Sean Lee goes out.. also probably could play OLB if needed

    Round 4:

    Daniel McCullers (DT, Tennessee) - Big 1 Tech. DT with a lot of upside

    Jalen Saunders (WR, Oklahoma) - Quick slot receiver with playmaking ability after the catch

    Dee Ford (OLB, Auburn) - Speed rusher.. Most likely a situational pass rusher in the NFL

    Round 5:

    Isaiah Crowell (RB, Alabama State) - Supremely talented back who was a difference maker as a freshman as Georgia.. Not "RKG" but if Cowboys willing to take a chance it could pay off big.

    Ryan Groy (OG, Wisconsin) - Another big strong anchor to go with Frederick and Leary in the interior OL

    Ryan Carrethers (DT, Arkansas State) - 1 Technique DT with a lot of upside.. Could fall to Cowboys later in the draft due to small school
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    Great effort and a good read...but I think its a little too early to do this. Could be cool to look back on in like 4 months though. See the changes that happen
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    Definitely way early but I also kinda did it for that reason.. I wanna redo the list around draft time.. who knows by that time it may be completely different or pretty similar because all of these guys draft stock and round projections can change based on a million factors.
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    I would add:
    Cyril Richardson
    David Yankey

    The Cowboys must improve their run blocking.
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    Like these two players alot. Bailey has had an injury history though and I'd like stay away from those types from here on out.
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    Ra'Shede Hageman - DL - Golden Gophers
    NFL.com's Albert Breer writes that Minnesota senior DL Ra'Shede Hageman "can answer plenty of questions this week against the always big, always rugged [Wisconsin] Badgers offensive front."

    The 6-foot-6, 311-pound senior "can play as an end in a 3-4 or a tackle in a 4-3, and that versatility never has been more valued than it is now," according to Breer. Said an NFC personnel executive: "(Hageman) is big, athletic -- he flashes top-10 talent. He's just inconsistent with his motor and his overall play style. He plays too high sometimes. Other times, he dominates. He could end up in the top 15, because of the nature of the position, but he makes you nervous." An AFC college scouting director agreed with Breer's assessment of Saturday's importance for the promising prospect: "This is a game most scouts will throw in to evaluate them, based on, if nothing else, (Wisconsin's) reputation."

    Source: NFL.com
    Nov 22 - 4:28 PM
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    You probably should also consider Aaron Donald, DT- PITT. Considering that he is a good fit for the scheme and the connection between the coaches. He is rising up the boards and will probably land in the late 1st early 2nd range.
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    Good stuff, especially like the 3 players you have in Round 3. Cooks impresses me every time I watch him. Wilder reminds me of Murray. Skov is a less athletic Sean Lee but something tells me if we drafted him, we would find ways to get him and Lee on the field together.

    I also agree with xwalker that Cyril Richardson and David Yankey must be considered. Waters's age, Leary's knee, and Bernadeau's awfulness dictate that we address the Guard position.

    Dion Bailey is a player I like a lot and have known him since he was a Junior in high school. I keep seeing people saying he has a ton of range and I wonder where that comes from. He played OLB in Kiffin's Tampa 2 scheme. He wanted to move to Safety this year where he views his NFL future at, rightly so. New DC Clancy Pendergast has utilized a 3 Safety scheme this year where Bailey is closer to the L.O.S., basically a Linebacker. He has a knack for making big plays but again, it's underneath, almost never in any sort of deep coverage. To me, he's a more talented, more athletic version of Barry Church. His NFL role should be Strong Safety and Nickel Linebacker.
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    It seems doubtful that Hageman will make it to the Cowboys pick. Guys that can play in all schemes go early.
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    You noticed Berny sucks too, huh? Honestly Bailey could be a Woodson type player in this scheme, but he gets nicked up an awful lot. A guy like that here can turn a two game injury into six.

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