Draft team needs: Dallas Cowboys

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    Monday April 09, 2012 - 5:05 AM

    Draft team needs: Dallas Cowboys
    By Clark Judge | CBSSports.com Senior NFL Columnist

    Don't tell me the Dallas Cowboys don't have the players to win the NFC East. They do. In fact, they were in perfect position a year ago to claim the division for the second time in three years.

    But they didn't, and they didn't because they couldn't win their season finale vs. the New York Giants and because they lost four of their last five starts. Basically, the Cowboys blew it, with missed field goals, blown leads and poor play punctuating a descent that had them finish 8-8, with an 0-4 record against the Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

    Afterward, owner Jerry Jones pledged support for embattled coach Jason Garrett, and that's good. The guy needed someone to stand behind him. Now he needs a defense to rely on, and last year's unit didn't qualify. It ranked 23rd vs. the pass and 16th in points allowed. Worse, it blew five fourth-quarter leads.

    The Cowboys haven't had a winning season in two years, losing 19 of their last 33 starts, and that must change. Garrett knows it. He was hired to put this team back on its feet, and this is his chance.


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    if Andre Smith is our starting LT we will be in trouble ;)
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    The author did have some issues with names, but I forgave him for a pretty accurate depiction of the roster.

    We don't have a decent DE on the roster...even Hatcher would have trouble starting for most other teams, imo.
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    you can say the same about OG, Center, and Safety.
    Then you have to look at the future of NT, SOLB, and CB.

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