Drafting Mixon would taint NFL

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by waving monkey, Mar 20, 2017.

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    there seem to be two types of posts predicting Mixon being drafted in the first couple of rounds: there are those who think that his actions, while objectionable, are at least partially defensible based upon the woman’s behavior; then there’s the camp proclaiming that his special talent is enough to motivate teams to acquire him. They seem to imply that passing on him would approach malpractice on the part of those teams.

    Here is the truth (IMHO): This despicable coward, a grown man lacking any character, pride, or dignity WILL NEVER BE DRAFTED into an industry – the NFL – under the intense public scrutiny they operate under. As the draft approaches, and this video is shown thousands of times in news, not sports coverage, the public outcry will absolutely explode. There will be protests, there will be boycotts, etc. The NFL will not be in a position to absorb another reputation demolishing, stereotype reinforcing episode. In addition, the episode is a despicable, disgusting, and enraging example of physical abuse and indefensible violence against women, not to mention gay bashing. This piece of garbage (Mixon) will evoke the Ray Rice incident. He has ZERO CHANCE of being selected by any NFL team concerned with public opinion – that is, ALL NFL TEAMS! This is my visceral reaction to seeing the video for the first time. It (the video) is a sickening vision of brutality and disqualifies this POS from representing the league and any team in it.

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    The charged nature of this topic, and the 'energy' in the original article don't mean it's ok to let this thread devolve into a political debate. There's room to talk about Mixon and the NFL without letting that happen. Please stay within the lines here.
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    He is going to be drafted but if a team felt that he might do something like this again then he would obviously be off their board.
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    Not for anything but the girl did hit him first. Its not like he just hauled off on some unsuspecting girl...Big difference imo. Either women are equal or they are not...Which is it? If a guy hit him first and he answered back would it be an issue?
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    The over the top language, excessive use of CAPS and exclamation points already indicates to me that the person who wrote this is a hysterical ninny who has no intention of keeping an open mind.
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    I will take him in the 4th
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    I'm for giving him a second chance. I don't consider this domestic abuse in the classical sense. The latter involves men beating up their significant others (women) for no reason at all. That points to a deeper psychological problem that isn't fixable merely by saying, "I'm sorry."

    In Mixon's case, he struck out at someone who got physical with him not once, but twice. That's an atypical situation, as most of us don't routinely come across people trying to physically abuse us or hurt us. So the reaction in that case doesn't fall into a typical behavioral pattern, unless your entire life involves people trying to put their hands on you in an aggressive way, and you having to defend yourself.

    So I'm less incline to believe this is his normal behavior.

    But a team is going to take a chance on him. Book it. This is a league that has taken chances on guys who have killed others, who have made racist statements and who committed theft. Mixon is immensely talented and has apologized for his transgression.

    He'll get draft, and I doubt he falls beyond the second round. In fact, I'm almost 99.9 percent certain he will be drafted in the second round.
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    So I guess we're all toast if forgiveness or second chances are completely out the question. Because rest assured, we are all certainly guilty.

    This didn't happen last week, it happened nearly 3 years ago. He absolutely paid his dues....and he should have had to paid those dues. But that is done.
    It's preposterous (and in my mind absurdly hypocritical) to not give the kid a chance.
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    The "she hit him 1st" argument is ridiculous in my opinion...but with that said, NFL running back is a job he's more than capable of doing and therefore (obviously) should be allowed to do it. Would I like to see him lose some $ and go later in the draft? Yeah kinda, but the over the top nature of this article is just crazy talk and never going to happen.
  12. Alexander

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    Should be interesting if he gets drafted relatively high considering the circumstances. Ray Rice is already making noise about being blackballed.
  13. dogunwo

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    While his actions are reprehensible, he definitely has paid a price equal to or above the crime. He is definitely a first round talent that will drop a round or three. That is essentially a "fine" in the millions. He has also suffered immense public humiliation and will have to deal with the questions for the rest of his life. He will also have to answer to his kids when someone shows them the video.
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    he'll get drafted. it wont be early, but it'll happen. while i don't agree with what he did, after seeing the video i understand why it happened. Pretty sure at least one team will feel the same way.
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    IMO what Mixon did was as bad as what Blount did in college where he sucker punched a Boise St player in the hand shake line. At least Mixon got hit and provoked first albeit a woman. Blount never really got punished for it either and maybe he dropped a round or two but he has some SB rings anyway. I'm sure Mixon will be fine and someone will get a really good player on the cheap.
  16. bkight13

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    How many punches does a man have to take? What if it becomes an object she is hitting you with? How about a knife?

    You can laugh but things can get out of control really fast..........she struck him twice because she said he used a gay slur.......what if others jumped in......... he has every right to defend himself.... she has no right to assault him but no one is calling for her arrest, her expulsion or her loss of employment opportunities in her field

    He has no other criminal history that I heard of so it is safe to assume that if she never punched him this would have never happened
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  17. Toruk_Makto

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    What Mixon did was reprehensible whether or not he was provoked.

    What Mixon did shouldn't ruin his life and cancel his dream. There has to be a middle ground. His actions cost him a year, millions of dollars and his reputation. I believe in second chances and rehabilitation.
  18. CATCH17

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    He can go to any team but Dallas and it will be over and done with.
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    He'll end up in Philly.
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    How do you taint something that has already been badly tainted?


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