Drafting Zeke was football stupid

Discussion in 'Rant Zone' started by jterrell, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Lutonio

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    To be fair, who expected THIS?

    I never thought he would be a bust, but I have to admit it has been awesome to watch him play for the team this year.

    I was leaning Ramsey at the time. I guess I've seen too many early RBs that don't pan out.

    Good job, Cowboys
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  2. Sarge

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    I have.
  3. GIFTS86

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    I was a jaylon guy over zeke because of need. But zeke is doing very well behind this o-line
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  4. Supercowboy1986

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    So football stupid that we claimed the #1 seed

    I bet we wouldn't have to play the super bowl at all because we would win by default if we had bosa or Ramsey :rolleyes:
  5. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Not me. I did a dance when I saw the pick. Just surprised me cause I didn't think the Cowboys would do it.
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  6. haleyrules

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    Heck, l thought Elliott was a great pick. The Cowboys needed a running game to make the offense work. Getting Prescott in the 4th was the real shocker! Didn't see him coming and at the time of the draft thought the Cowboys should pick a QB with the first pick. That didn't work out...but the Elliott pick was also very wise and important.
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  7. landroverking

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    I can't believe this thread is still open.
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  8. KJJ

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    It's probably because there's no one to argue with. Everyone who thought drafting Zeke was football stupid took off long ago. Can't recall a thread where more posters ended up being embarrassed. It's a wonder the OP didn't terminate his account. This thread is the perfect example of what can happen to those who live in the moment.
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  9. KJJ

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    So football stupid that Zeke is not only leading the league in rushing but is a candidate for league MVP. Never seen a thread blow up in more faces than this one.
  10. KJJ

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    You certainly didn't think the Elliott pick was a great pick after week one because you passed out a "like" to this post. :cool:

  11. DFWJC

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    Once a players blows up like Zeke has, the logic behind the pick goes out the window.
    Peoplecan argue all they want from various povs, but no denying....
    He's been a monster!
    My guess that even the OP would agree with that.
    It is all in hind-site now. Everyones an expert drafter in hind-site.
    It is fun looking back years later to see how drafts worked out.
    Just glad Dallas reaped the benefits:flagwave:
    So far, so good!
  12. KJJ

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    One of the posters who passed out a "like" to the OP has the username "Common Sense." :laugh:
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  13. KJJ

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    Can't see how anyone could have thought drafting Zeke was football stupid. Me and many others argued prior to the draft how adding a great back could get us back to the success we had in 2014 because the back matters. I had no doubt a great back would blow away the production McFadden had last season. Even Dak has doubled the rushing TD's McFadden scored last year. We only had 8 rushing TD's last season which put a lot of pressure on our QBs. We have 20 rushing TD's this season after 14 games. That shows we're in imposing our will on defenses which is what we were doing in 2014 when we had 16 rushing TD's. A great running game that can produce not only yards and TD's takes a lot of pressure off your QB but many on this board couldn't see that. They convinced themselves that McFadden had a great year and one FAN who's consumed by stats claimed our running game was better last year than in 2014. LOL

    There wasn't a defensive player worth taking at #4 overall who wouldn't have been a big gamble and anyone who has an ounce of insight and closely watches this team, it was obvious a great back would make a huge impact. Zeke has scored 14 TD's rushing/receiving, so it's not just his 1902 total yards but the fact his yards have led to TD's that have helped us win games. Some didn't think it was a big deal that McFadden only scored 3 TD's with all the touches he had, which further showed the lack of insight into the game of many who post on this board. There was no doubt in my mind barring injury Zeke would have a great year and we would have a solid season IF Dak could come close to playing as well in the regular season as he did in preseason.

    You pair a great back who has great speed and power with arguably the best OL in the league, great things are bound to happen. Any average back could have produced what McFadden did last season but it takes a great back to produce some of the plays Zeke has produced this season. It was easy to gage from his college tape the immense talent he had over McFadden. If you want to be a great team you need great players but some here were satisfied with an average back. This thread was a classic over reaction by a fan who didn't like the pick and was living in the moment off a disappointing loss. Some of the most ridiculous threads/comments have been made immediately after losses due to knee jerking. As ridiculous as this thread looks now, the most classic over reaction thread ever posted was this one, that was also started immediately after our opening day loss. Surprisingly the OP still comes around and posts. lol

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  16. Tenkamenin

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    Darn near prophetic, because when he ran for 140 the week after the Alfr4es Morris chants hushed.
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  17. RGV_Clos

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    My first pick would have been Bosa to help stabilize our DL. Zeke was my second pick. It worked out great for the Cowboys.
  18. maxdallasfan

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    I went on a rant after the week 1 loss. I screamed and yelled about the vanilla offense, typical plays, etc.

    Luckily, my walls don't tell on me.
  19. big dog cowboy

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    Go check out the preseason prediction thread from September.
  20. KJJ

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    Prediction threads always have posts where fans miss the mark by a mile but a thread claiming drafting one of the elite players in the draft at a position of need was football stupid sticks out like a sore thumb. There's no excuse for anyone to be as off the mark on Zeke as this thread was. I knew when I first saw this thread after the opener it was going to end up a classic FAIL and would come back to haunt the OP and everyone who agreed with it. lol Anyone with a clue should have figured pairing a great back with this OL was going to lead to fireworks if Zeke stays healthy.

    The problem with many here is they felt the OL makes the back and that any decent back could look great behind. We found out last season that wasn't the case but some convinced themselves McFadden had a great year and were satisfied with it. It was a no brainer Zeke would thrive behind our OL.

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