Drake Nevis got a workout

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by theranchsucks, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Hopefully we will sign him........We need some young blood to push the pocket inside.
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    I'd take a chance on him. I trust our FO in making the right decision on what they decide.
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    If he can play why not
  5. JBell523

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    3rd round pick just a few years ago. Why not
  6. coult44

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    Cause we're looking for another TE. (couldn't resist) :)
  7. CATCH17

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    I thought the Chargers claimed him.
  8. speedkilz88

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    They released him.
  9. jobberone

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    If he's so good why is he available? :)
  10. visionary

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    on another note... are you in the market to buy some property?
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  11. Zimmy Lives

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    Love the Drake.
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  12. big dog cowboy

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    2011 NFL Combine Results:
    40-Yard Dash5.06
    Vertical jump30.5
    Broad jump9'4
    Three-cone drill7.71

    2011 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report:
    Drake Nevis, DT, LSU
    Finally given an opportunity to start at LSU, Nevis had a big year for the Tigers. The defensive tackle started only four career games prior to his senior campaign, but made the most of 13 starts in 13 games in 2010. He finished fifth on the team in both solo tackles (30) and total tackles (56), but he was first in tackles for loss (13). Nevis was also second on the team in sacks with six and he recorded four quarterback hurries, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and one interception.
    Nevis is an athletic interior lineman who can disrupt all kinds of offensive action in the middle of the field. He has been clocked as fast as 4.92 in the 40-yard dash and he uses that speed from start to finish on every play. He has to, after all, because he lacks the size of others at his position, especially NFL guys. Nevis stands at just 6'1'' and 285 pounds. He is strong and powerful, but he will have to put on size without giving away speed if he wants to go toe-to-toe with NFL offensive linemen. Nevis performed well at the NFL Combine, although he was not quite as impressive during LSU's pro day. He could sneak into the late first round, and anything lower than a second-round selection would be a considerable shock.


    • Penetrator and play maker
    • Explodes off snap
    • Tough, aggressive and hard working
    • Keeps his motor running
    • Pass rushing threat
    • Very strong and plays violent
    • Good tackler

    • Weaknesses:
    • Not ideal height or weight
    • Short arms are a liability
    • Limited starting experience
    • Likely only fits 4-3

      Summary: Drake Nevis was not able to compete at the Senior Bowl with a minor foot injury. There is really nothing comparable in the draft process to competing against other high level prospects so it is unfortunate he was unable to do so. He was surrounded by a lot of future NFL players on the defensive line at LSU which prevented him from gaining more starting experience. His value is as a disruptor and penetrator who can wreak havoc, probably as a rotational player in a 4-3. He is unlikely to stifle the run and will need to be supported by complementary players.

      Player Comparison: Trevor Laws. The obvious link here is being undersized, but both guys showed the ability to get through traffic at the college level with similar speed. Nevis is more of a pass rusher and certainly will not record his first sack in his third season as Laws did this year.


    Strengths: Very quick off the ball and has the ability to shoot gaps – Incredibly strong, he will bring the ball-carrier to the ground – Motor never quits – Ideally suited for a penetrating 4-3 system.

    Weaknesses: Smallish Frame – Limited somewhat in his rush moves – Will struggle at times holding the point of attack against double teams.



    Very high motor, he never quits on a play. He creates pressure up the middle with his quickness and strength. He is one of the strongest players on the LSU Tigers team. Has a nastiness about him. Has played with great lineman at LSU, learning something from each of them along the way.


    His size is a concern for me, or lack of it. He is listed at 6-1, but that might be a little generous. He does have a little trouble fighting off a blocker when he is engaged, instead trying to muscle his way through them.


    Has drawn comparisons to Warren Sapp as far as body wise, but his style of play and motor remind me a lot of Philadelphia Eagles DT Trevor Laws.

    Projected Round:

    He could shoot up the draft boards after the combine because of his amazing strength, but right now I see him as a late 2nd to early 3rd round pick.
  13. JeffInDC

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    For some reason, he keeps getting "claimed/picked up" by 3-4 teams that eventually realize the scouting reports are right - he is EXCLUSIVELY a 4-3 DT.
  14. boysfanindc

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    This is why they are looking at him. Kiffin needs this for his D.
  15. Bullflop

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    If Nevis made a good impression, he likely would have been signed already. The fact that he wasn't says a lot.
  16. boysfanindc

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    I don't think the sign him on a Thursday, if they are going to sign him it will be Monday.
  17. boysfanindc

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  18. cowboyschmps3

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    Why not bring him in he was pretty good when the colts went with the 4-3 he was just out of position switching too the 3-4 they tried it last year didn't too too bad transitioning too it but e fits a 4-3 better.
  19. reddyuta

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    He was really good at LSU, not sure why he is getting cut by so many teams.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    Looks like he was on 3-4 teams when he is a 4-3 player.

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