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Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Dec 10, 2016.

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    With Adam Jones arrest, the possibility of the Bengals franchise tagging Kirkpatrick just went up. Also expect the Bills to tag Gilmore as well.
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    I don't expect Dallas to spend big at cornerback, or anywhere else for that matter. I think it's more likely that they keep Carr, Claiborne, or both for another year and continue to develop Anthony Brown.

    I do expect to see at least one corner drafted this year too.
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    It depends on how the draft falls and how much our guys want to resign with us, but I think that barring something unusual happening in the draft that this seems pretty likely.
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    Here's the way I see it.

    Carr probably has one year left before he retires, maybe two. He's firmly entrenched in the Dallas community. If he is going to continue to play, does he want to uproot his family? My answer is no. And, it's not like he's a young playmaker that team would chase after, he's a solid veteran nearing his career's end. And the secondary should feel good about what they accomplished together, he should want to come back to hopefully continue that.

    Claiborne had an awesome start to his season and was on the way towards turning his career around. He was playing as well as the better corners in the league. But then the same injury issues that have plagued him cropped up again. I don't see anyone paying big money to a guy who can't stay on the field. But, he played well when he did play, so I'd like to see him come back on a similar one-year deal to what he signed in 2016. If he doesn't, I let someone else take the risk with him.

    Resigning both keeps a good secondary intact and buys time to draft and develop their replacements. We look to have one in Brown but could use one or two more.

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