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    not sure if "maven" is appropriate, or even spelled correctly, but here goes...

    A friend and I are trying to put a fantasy football package together as an exhibit, just something small so that it can function, and be used to demonstrate what we are trying to do. Currently, the entire idea is an excel workbook, a series of interconnected worksheets that are fully functional.

    Now, I can make a page in dreamweaver, I understood enough to put things together, and make something that looks neat. What I do not understand, is how to make the page functional. To be interactive with other pages. It would require alot of functions similar to fantasy football sites today, cutting players, making trades, etc.

    Any ideas? Is the excel sheet easily integrated into an html setting? Should I even be using html? Seriously, I have no idea what I'm doing, so if anyone feels like offering suggestions, or taking a look, be prepared to be patient, although I catch on pretty fast.

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    Excel is terrible for web pages. You can make it work, but it's an absolute dog.
    The info should be stored in a database, not a spreadsheet.

    My recommended solution and one I've used for something similar is MySQL for the database, and PHP and HTML for the web page. PHP does the 'functional' work, while HTML is used for the presentation to the web browser.

    There's a lot more to it than that, but that's a place to start.
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    Is MySQL an application?
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    I agree that I'd probably use MySQL and PHP to build this.

    MySQL is database software. Most Web hosts these days will support MySQL and some will even come with PhpMyAdmin so you can easily set up the database. If not there are some free MySQL front ends (SQLyog is one that comes to mind) you can use.

    If you have never designed a database you may want to look into some stuff online...primary keys, foriegn keys, data types, naming conventions...general database design stuff.

    Unless you are a programmer you probably aren't going to know about using PHP to pull your information from the database. Dreamweaver can sorta help you out there but it is easier done by hand IMO. Getting the info from the database to the webpage is where you'll run into problems I'd think. You can probably find some online tutorials for that as well though.

    Setting up a functional FF site online is no easy chore and it will probably take quite a while.
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    thanks alot ACF.

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