News: Drew Henson Opens Up

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dirtycallahan, Mar 1, 2013.

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    BumF, Parcells did not like anyone that he was not responsible for. Of course he did not like Henson...he was a Jerry pick. He also did not like TO who together with Romo this team has not seen the likes of in a 3 year period and he also wanted Spears before Ware and Lights Out before Ware...Brilliant move that would have been. He did not like Larry Allen either. Romo sat on the bench until year 4, it is quite obvious that he should have been the starter in yr 2 and he would have been just fine, no worse than today. Starting Henson for a 3 or 4 game span would have had 0 impact and it would have provided further documentation of what we had.

    Anyway, the kid is doing fine and has a new family on the way. Parcells remains his miserable self...I do like the guy though. Just too bad we got the older version.
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    you do know Romo admitted he was not ready to start before 2006?

    But then that would require someone that actually had been really observing this team for a while.

    You do know that Jerruh loved Henson and was the only reason he hung on that long?

    LA was unable to do much except play in a phone booth his last few years. He lost all of his mobility after that bad 2002 injury. For what he was costing us cap wise he had to go; just like Emmit.

    Of course you know better than a HOF coach of course.


    BUT you keep refusing to answer.

    You want to Blame A HOF Coach for Henson's failure.

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    BumF...lighten up, it can't be healthy for u. And I have probably been observing this team longer than you my friend.
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    1970 for me.

    So I REALLY doubt it.

    Not my fault you think Henson had something

    Shoot some people here still try and defend Q

    by the way can I call you Raghead since you like to play with my screen name?
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    I'd like a little confirmation it wasn't Payton that protected Romo before i buy into the all-knowing Parcells.
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    Ahh...too funny. How about we settle on Rags? Actually we have been following the same amount of time which is pretty amazing imo. My 1st following of the Cowboys was when Calvin Hill was the #1 draft choice which would have been the 69 draft for the 70 season and Duane Thomas in the 70 draft...long time ago. Those were the days where you would hope to see a 5 sentence paragraph of the Cowboys draft in the NY paper and were so excited to read it. Pro Football Weekly was the bomb for all things Cowboy related. Really amazing when you think about how far in the dark we were back then, pretty much the stone age as far as the flow of information. Have to love the internet, greatest invention in my lifetime no doubt. Still saying that Romo should have been starting since yr 2, yeah maybe some interceptions but the Gunslinger sure would have been exciting. All the best burmafrd...
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    Henson was projected as a top-five pick, had he stayed in college. I don't have a problem using a third to get him. It was an aggressive move. It's not really a bust. It just didn't work out. But it is the sort of not-working-out that's worth the risk.
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    Henson never amounted to anything in football after Parcells gave up on him so there isn't anything that says he gave up on him too early. Henson may have developed into a great football player had he dedicated himself to the sport instead of moving on to baseball. He only went back to football because baseball wasn't working out for him.

    His heart was in baseball not football. Had he stayed at Michigan he may have ended up the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft. He was never fully developed as a football player when he arrived in the NFL and he couldn't catch up. The game was moving way too fast for him and it didn't take Parcells long to see that.
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    How the heck is this guy a hitting coach?

    Were all the QB Coach positions taken?
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    He didn't exactly light it up in the Euro league...
  11. burmafrd

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    we're cool

    Watching that blasted FG was my first really vivid memory as the Colts stole one from us.
    From that moment on it was the Star all the way.

    The next season was such a roller coaster early on then the boys put it together in a run unmatched frankly since. Still the only team to shut the other team out without a TD in the SB. And that team went unbeaten the next year.
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    you do remember Jerruh's love affair with Henson. BP brought in Vinny since he could see Q was going down. Which should have been obvious to everyone.

    BP stashed Romo and kept him once Vinny and Henson was gone and by the way by THEN Payton was gone as well. You do remember when Payton left? BP thought Romo had lots of potential but brought in Bledsoe to basically be the place holder for a year or two.

    Romo scared BP with his gunslinger ways but impressed him by how hard he worked to get better. That was a key thing with BP- he was watching players that put in that extra time in the film room or weight room or stayed late in practices to work on things.
  13. Risen Star

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    Payton tried to bring Romo with him to New Orleans.
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    This is the guy Jerry proudly said reminded him of Troy Aikman.
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    I think the hope many of us back then was that he would develop into a quality QB. He was highly thought of and some considered his a 1st rd pick had he not went to Baseball.

    Unfortunately for him and the Cowboys things did not work out but what kind of fan would not want to see it work out at that time? We had nothing and Henson was a low risk chance the Cowboys took.
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    Maybe Wilson can become an exception as well. At least he didn't miss any time in football due to his tryst with baseball. He didn't spend years away from playing college football to try and become a baseball player. He was still there practicing with his college football teams. Drew Henson, Chad Hutchinson, Quincy, Carter, Chris Weinke and Brandon Weeden all spent a few years away from football in pursuit of a baseball career.

    What was worse for guys like Henson and Hutchinson is that they didn't even get the chance to go back to college and play some more football and then transition to the the NFL. They had to make the jump to the NFL after being away from the game for years.

    I would barely put Russell Wilson in the same category as those other QBs.
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    In the shower or on the field? :laugh2:

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