Driving Instructor shows up to work drunk..

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    (TV5) Saginaw--Some driving school students in Saginaw received a crash course in what not to do behind the wheel of a car Monday when their driving instructor showed up for class drunk.

    The instructor was taken to a Saginaw hospital so that she could be checked out. While she never did get into a car, some students say that they never want to take a road test at the school again.

    Asia Moncada paid part of the 315-dollar tuition to attend the Sears Authorized Driving School. She says that she has been looking forward to getting her license since she turned fourteen. But now, she's not so sure. Asia's driving school instructor showed up to class drunk on Monday night and she insists the driving teacher threatened the thirty-seven students with racial slurs and claimed she had a gun.

    "She started calling my friend a b****. I didn't think they were allowed to teach class when they were drunk," said Asia.

    The driving school administrator declined to go on camera, but says the instructor has since been replaced. He says there was never any indication she could be a threat to the students, especially since they do criminal background checks.

    Eric Saenz is Asia's father. He says he wants his money back, and hopes the instructor gets help.
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    Boozemans' mysterious dissapearance?...Solved.
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    is the driving instructor gonna have to choke a *****?
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    LMAO, that episode was funny.

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